Lisa-Noel G

Mr. Fullerton

Sim City Project Analysis Report

May 31, 2011

Analysis Report/ South Weburg

South Weburg has and continues to fail in terms of economy. After many different attempts we, as a team, have still found no solution to our problems. We as a whole thought that with our planning report had things figured out, but we were proved wrong. All in all, we have discovered that building and fixing a town's economy is a huge task to take on, even if it is just a video game. Although we did fail overall, we found some promising results from a few of our tactics. Through this we may be able to, in the future, conquer a task of similar difficulty.

Fiscal Policy
Current Balance- 101,222 Monthly Income- 2,656Monthly Expenses- 11,472Month End Cash- 97,406Problem with Funds:The problem in our city with funds is that we spend too much and don't earn enough to supplement for those costs. We spend a lot of our money on health and education and due to this we don't seem to collect enough taxes. For example we don't collect any taxes in neighborhood and business deals and hardly collect any for transportation, industrial, and commercial.

A solution for this financial difficulty could be to lower eduction funding and increase taxes on those that aren't taxed right now. To do this successfully we need to find ways to lower education costs without having students and teachers suffer too much. We could possibly do this by cutting out costs on extra things like excess computers, extra curricular activities, and arts classes. We could also start taxing civilians more on Business openings/deals, transportation within the city, and commercial buying and selling. With all of these put together we could quickly turn around our financial hardship.

I think we could very easily and painlessly start conducting these new tactics for our city and make the funding more successful in no time. By first starting with discussions with school boards and administration offices we could make a deal for the cutting of costs that are deemed unnecessary. We could then plan to raise the taxes gradually so that the people living in our city do not become uneasy about these changes. Through doing this in this specific matter we could definitely turn our income around in South

This general plan did not totally work in our town. By upping taxes among other things, we began to see people leave our city. They did not agree with the costs and decided to take their families else where. The lowering of education also caused an uproar of unhappy people, resulting in even more problems for us. Overall, the fiscal policy plan did not work in our city.

Environment in our city is overall, bad. Though, we could not find the source of why this is. Our air pollution was low, our water pollution was low, our garbage was low, and we had no radiation problems anywhere in our city. One of the reasons for this could possibly be because of our lack of electricity.

A solution to this problem once we see the damage of when we get the electricity in our town going, could be to find other ways to power our city in an environmentally-friendly way. Some other ways to power our city could be with hydro power, solar power, and wind power.

I predict in the future that our city will flourish in the environment category. To afford these actions we will most likely have to raise the taxes. I believe this will cause some sort of drama in our city and some will leave. But, once we finish our new source of power we will lower the taxes. I predict this will cause some of our residents to move back to town.

After using these tactics, our city's environment did not change much. There was nothing particularly bad about it, but there was also nothing particularly good. After observing these patterns we also discovered in environment that our city was less than perfect, without knowing what the source of the problems were, we had no way to fix our problems. We looked over many aspects, trying even to change the source of electricity throughout, but were not able to fix what happened (or more accurately, what we were given).

Land Value
The problem with land value in South Weburg is actually a small problem. South Weburg has high land value, everyone wants a piece of it, except for one corner. In the South East corner land value drops.

Taking a look at the chart, there's one spot that just plummets downward.Our solution was to tear down the slums in the South Eastern corner of South Weburg and replace it with government buildings. We can build power plants or garbage managing plants. This will not only make the land value go up, but it will power the city.

I predict that this will do wonders. Again, not only will this boost the land value, but it will help the city. We can power the whole city, and collect everyone's garbage. There wasn't much hope for building residence homes, so government buildings are the same way to go. They get taxed less, and they do good for the city. We need to focus more on the big picture of our city rather than small things like land value.

After carefully trying to fix this problem, we found a real solution. Our land value had always been good except for one corner, therefore we used that corner for powering the city and found perfection through that. Although this did not directly help our land value, it did help improve our city overall.

In our city, South Weburg, education is doing very well. But, we only have a select number of schools. South Weburg only has 3 or 4 schools in the whole city, and they are all located at one side of town. On the other side of town are the "slums", where there are no schools and there are probably many uneducated children.
What we are planning to do to fix this problem is that we are going to build more schools throughout the city. But with our budget, we may not have enough to build many schools. First, we will have to increase funding so we can build schools and hire teachers. We are going to have to raise taxes, raising them more for the wealthy residents of the city. This will improve the economy more, and open up many job opportunities. The schools that will be built will have a capacity of as many children as possible, so we won't have to build too many schools. This may also decrease the crime rate because of people being in school and being educated.
I think that once we raise the taxes and increase funding, we will have enough money to build schools, but still have plenty of money left to fix all of the other issues in the city. I think that the crime rate will go down, but the environment might go down because of building roads so that people can get to school. The traffic may increase too as a result of everybody getting to school in the morning, as well as the health because of pollution.

In the end, we did not have enough money to build more schools for the slums of our city. Because of this inability to build, we did not improve education, but we also did not cause any more problems throughout the educational system within South Weburg. We did attempt several times to try and eliminate those slums to improve the overall life of our citizens, but also did not succeed. Therefore, our education was put on the back burner of problems to solve.

There are many extreme traffic problems in South Weburg. Many jams and high congestion areas are located in the heart of the city. Do to this heavy traffic, people of the city’s transit is highly affected. The citizens are angered by this constant conflict in their day. By solving this problem, the people of South Weburg will be happier with their daily lives.

I believe there are many effective solutions to all of these traffic problems. The city could make bigger roads, or make alternate routes. There is heavy congestion is one area of the South Weburg, so in order to reduce this, the city could make different routes. Also, the city could make the roads wider, therefore the citizens are able to make transportation easier.

These solutions would really help with the traffic problems in this area. There would be less problems, and the citizens would be happier with their daily commute to work.

It seemed as though fixing traffic would have helped everything…. Not the case. We blew most of our money on putting in mass transit and demolishing slums. Traffic went nowhere and did nothing. Well we didn’t have much money to do anything with it. Traffic was hard to balance with everything else, ending up in bankruptcy. Our team tried putting in tolls and fixing roads, with money we didn’t have. The balance was way thrown off.

Our health polls are great. Right now our city’s health is just wonderful. We have high birth rates and low death rates. This means we don’t have a huge problem. But we can make a good thing great. We only have a few clinics in our city, which need to cover a large area. These clinics are small and can only handle a certain amount of people.

Making our health care better is only hard because of how good our health care is at the moment. We could make more health clinics for the poor. We could also raise taxes of the rich and funnel that money into health care for the poor.

I predict that if we do raise taxes of the rich, some rioting will go on. Even if it’s helping the health of the poor, peoples over all happiness will go down. No one likes to be taxed, even if it’s for a good cause. The health care is so good right now, that it's more important to maintain that while lowering expenses. Our main problem is our poverty levels.

By planning to build more clinics and tax the rich to do it, we encountered problems. The rich did not feel they should be responsible for paying for the clinics, and therefore came together to combat it. With all of this happening we were not able to improve the health in our city, but it did stay fairly steady. Not adding these new clinics resulted in not too many new problems after all.

The city of South Weburg has done very well with their safety category. There is very low radiation, flammability, and pollution of air and water. There is also no high amount of serious crimes, but a large amount of low offense crimes. It seems that there is also no garbage problems or any garbage at all. However, in one region of the city, there is a high congestion of traffic.

One solution of the high congestion of traffic would be to build more roads. By doing that, the congestion will lessen and the safety bar would rise. However, building roads costs money and actually building the roads might give out pollutants into the air. Another solution to the high amount of low offense crimes would be to hire more police officers, but then again, that costs money. There is really no good or bad solutions to these problems.

My prediction for these solutions that if more roads are built and if more policemen are hired, the amount safety will definitely increase. I believe, although, that other categories might decrease. categories such as environment and health. They might decrease because pollution from building roads might increase. My group would have to balance all of these categories in order for a stabilized city.

By building more roads in our city, we ended up reducing the only possible safety problems we had. This solution was one of the few that resulted positively in our city and we were proud of that. Overall our safety was our strongest asset in South Weburg which we were glad to find after using our well thought out plans.

Sadly enough, our city did pretty badly. Although we planned out different strategies to overcome our many problems, none of them seemed to do very well. The parts that did go well were terribly expensive and we ended up borrowing thousands of Sims Dollars, putting us in debt. Our biggest problem was balancing things, if we did one thing to help safety, it might make education much worse, or in most cases, loose us money. Our team has learned different skills about how to run a town.