Mission 1:
In South Weburg today is 7/19/64. We need the date to see how fast our environment changes. We also need this date to monitor the speed at which we progress. The total monthly income is $1,815 while the Monthly Expenses in $11, 010. We need this information to monitor our taxes. We are obviously not taxing enough (or we're using too much...) so we need to change our spending habits. The total population is 19,430 people. We could use this to our advantage by creating jobs to cover those people. Our health and education polls are wonderful. they are incredibly green and high. Our safety is also green and is increasing rapidly. Environment and traffic are plummeting- they're bright red and have negative arrows indicating that they're going to get worse and worse if we play the game. There is an obvious way to improve the latter two examples. Traffic and environment go hand in hand. If you improve traffic with more public transit the less pollution we'll be dumping into the air.

• Fiscal Policy-- the use of taxes to change the economy

• Fiscal Budget-- How they use taxes in different areas of the economy

• Taxes-- To impose financial charge on a citizen

• Balanced Budget-- No deficit- possibly a surplus

• Budget Deficit-- When the amount falls short of the required amount

• Budget Surplus-- An amount greater than needed

• Zoning-- Land use planning

• Polls-- A place to vote

• Baseline Data-- A simple, initial information

Mission 2:
Our current balance is $114,571. Our monthly income is $1,815, though are monthly expenses comes to $11,010. Therefore our month end cash comes to $105,376. Ordinances: Legalize Gambling is the only monthly income of $100. Our monthly expenses of ordinances is $1,607. We have ordinances like Free Clinical Programs, Junior Sports Programs, and Smoke Detector Program.
Neighborhood Deals: We concluded that we don't have trade between our neighboring towns whatsoever.
Health and Education: We have wonderful education in South Weburg, but that of course comes at a price. Our monthly estimate for health and education is $6,103. Most of the money is from the Medical Center and the Large Elementary School.

COMMENTS: We feel that this is not a good system. When we begin to play the game we will surely change how much taxes we are asking for from our citizens. Though we do not want to charge them too much, for they will retreat to another city. We need to encourage trade to help our economy. Educating our children leads them to get better jobs to stimulate the economy. If we need to cut back, I think we shouldn't as much on Education or Health.
City Planner: The city planner will give you tips on building your city. As well as guidance on becoming the most popular Mayor. Finance Advisor: Your Advisor will keep you up to date on spending versus income, with an eye to keeping your city well funded. Utilities Advisor: Your Utilities Advisor will give you information on your water, power and sanitation systems. Public Safety Advisor: Your Public Safety Avisor keeps you informed of issues regarding crime, police coverage and fire coverage. Health and Education Advisor: Your Health and Education Advisor will keep you updated on issues concerning the health and educational demands of your citizens. Transportation Advisor: Your Transportation Advisor will give you information on your transit system. Environmental Advisor: Your Environmental Advisor will keep you posted on important information regarding pollutants. Mission 3: City Planner- Neil Fairbanks: The City Planner will give you tips on building your city, as well as guidance on becoming the most popular Mayor.Finance Advisor- Monique Diamond: Your Finance Advisor will keep you up to date on spending versus income, with an eye to keeping your city well funded.Utilities Advisor- Jonas Sparks: Your Utilities Advisor wil give you information on your water, power and sanitation systems.Public Safety Advisor- Sam Armstrong: Your Public Safety Advisor keeps you informed on issues regarding crime, police coverage and fire coverage.Health and Education Advisor- Bettina Dean: Your Health and Education Advisor will keep you updated on issues concerning the health and educational demands of your citizens.Transportation Advisor- Jamil Herd: Your Transportation Advisor will give you information on your transit system.Environmental Advisor- Camille Meadows: Your Environmental Advisor will keep you posted on important information regarding pollutants. Mission 4: There are many different aspects to why a major might receive a certain rating. The mayor rating is mostly very high. There are a few places that are more in the middle, those places are mostly slums/ poor places. The way the mayor controls taxes, city hall, laws, public appearances, education, health, safety, and garbage all factor in to how much people like him. The mayor's rating is necessary to the economy. If he's doing a good job giving people jobs and monitoring the taxes, the economy will automatically start to slowly recover. Also, liking a mayor may make it easier for people to find reasons to get a job. 3-18-2011----------------Current Balance- 101,222Monthly Income- 2,656Monthly Expenses- 11,472Month End Cash- 97,406 Problem with Funds:The problem in our city with funds is that we spend too much and don't earn enough to supplement for those costs. We spend a lot of our money on health and education and due to this we don't seem to collect enough taxes. For example we don't collect any taxes in neighborhood and business deals and hardly collect any for transportation, industrial, and commercial. Solution:A solution for this financial difficulty could be to lower eduction funding and increase taxes on those that aren't taxed right now. To do this successfully we need to find ways to lower education costs without having students and teachers suffer too much. We could possibly do this by cutting out costs on extra things like excess computers, extra curricular activities, and arts classes. We could also start taxing civilians more on Business openings/deals, transportation within the city, and commercial buying and selling. With all of these put together we could quickly turn around our financial hardship. Prediction for success of Solution:I think we could very easily and painlessly start conducting these new tactics for our city and make the funding more successful in no time. By first starting with discussions with school boards and administration offices we could make a deal for the cutting of costs that are deemed unnecessary. We could then plan to raise the taxes gradually so that the people living in our city do not become uneasy about these changes. Through doing this in this specific matter we could definitely turn our income around in South Weburg.
Our health polls are great. Right now our city’s health is just wonderful. We have high birth rates and low death rates. This means we don’t have a huge problem. But we can make a good thing great.

Making our health care better is only hard because of how good our health care is at the moment. We could make more health clinics for the poor. We could also raise taxes of the rich and funnel that money into health care for the poor.

I predict that if we do raise taxes of the rich, some rioting will go on. Even if it’s helping the health of the poor, peoples over all happiness will go down. No one likes to be taxed, even if it’s for a good cause. The health care is so good right now, that it's more important to maintain that while lowering expenses. Our main problem is our poverty levels. We need to raise taxes and focus less on things like land values.
The problem with land value in South Weburg is actually a small problem. South Weburg has high land value, everyone wants a piece of it, except for one corner. In the South East corner land value drops. Taking a look at the chart, there's one spot that just plummets downward. Our solution was to tear down the slums in the South Eastern corner of South Weburg and replace it with government buildings. We can build power plants or garbage managing plants. This will not only make the land value go up, but it will power the city. I predict that this will do wonders. Again, not only will this boost the land value, but it will help the city. We can power the whole city, and collect everyone's garbage. There wasn't much hope for building residence homes, so government buildings are the same way to go. They get taxed less, and they do good for the city. Analysis Notes We have added many toll booths on the two major roads that were giving us traffic problems. We also added bus stops throughout the city. We are trying to zone more high residential, industrial, and commercial. Land value is going down, and traffic is getting better. Environment is going up , too. We also added a power plant that now provides 100% of our city with power. Analysis Notes: We have removed some of the slums in our town and have started adding some bus stops. We are planning to make our town nice and fresh and hip. We are fixing and building many roads. (traffic) We seem to be not doing well, seeing as we have lost a lot of money. We are not going to save this game because we are in debt.
Mission 5: Crime in our city had a huge plummet in number of arrests and crimes about 10 or 15 minutes ago. Commute time also went down about 10 years ago, but now it's steadily rising again. We are noticing at about 10 years ago there was a huge drop in all areas of the city- and then usually a pretty steep uprise. Power was the same way. Water, unlike the others, does not have a steep uprising. It has a huge drop, then a very slow path going up. Oh my! Air pollution was steady for about 15 to 20 years, then when we came in there happened to be a sharp decrease in air pollution. Low residential has been very bumpy for the last 5 years, it keeps going up and down and up and down. Maybe 20 years ago was when we first got any water pollution- it stayed steady for 5 good years, then the water pollution decreased. Our capacity for garbage has been at a stead 6,000 for at least 50 years-- maybe on or 2 years ago we almost reached it, then it decreased and saved us. 40 years ago we had no education what soever... It reached a high at about 125 about 5 years ago, then went down very sharply. An odd amount of senior citizens are being educated, and not enough children, teenagers, and young adults. We have an enormous amount of 21-30 year olds and 11-20 year olds. Sadly, our life expectancy has gone down in the last 1-5 years. Again, we reached a high about 3 years ago, then sharply decreased. In the last 3 years we have been spending much more and making much less. Ou funds have been totally depleted in the last 3 years. Mayor rating has been doing pretty steadily for the last 50 years. Car traffic has gone down significantly in the last 5 years. Overall, when we came into South Weburg, everything went downhill.