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Elijah John Watkins

Mr. Fullerton

SimCity Project Planning Report

21 March 2011

Planning Report- East Weburgh

On the first day of playing Sims, we decided to consult the mayor and check how well the city was doing. Soon after, we realized that our city was in some deep trouble. It seemed as if everything in our city was going in a downward spiral. Education was getting worse, traffic was steadily increasing in size. And since all this was happening, even the land value was going down! We knew that we had to make some major changes. The following are some of the things we plan to do in order to make our city better.

Fiscal Budget Eli

One of our hardest puzzles to solve has definitely been the fiscal budget. Fiscal budget is basically a statement of the financial position of a government. Currently our fiscal budget would look quite grim to one who is not familiar with our city, but to us it seems promising. By that I mean that to a complete stranger, if they looked at our city’s fiscal budget, they would never want to move in to our city. We feel the need to make it better so that even to a stranger it would look attracting.

Currently in the city of East Weburgh, we have a population 112,604 of sims. Our current budget is quite low at $272,706.00. This is very low and would not be very easy to work with but, there is a catch. The catch is that we currently have no income. Not one of our residents is currently being taxed. We feel that once we find an appropriate tax rate for certain class’s of our citizens, with our large population, we can make some good income quickly. We also feel that we need to cut some funding to some certain companies that are not doing anything for us or are not as necessary.

Obviously, our first priority has to be to figure out an appropriate tax rate for our citizens and figure out who's funding we will cut. We cannot just start building without any income to fall back on. Once we have decided on an appropriate tax rate we will put it into play and see how it works. Hopefully it will go smoothly so that we can start building and make our citizens happy. We started experimenting with our tax rates but, unfortunately, we ran out of time and never got to see the results of the experiment. Our plan was to tax the wealthier residents or residents with higher income by a rate of 7% and the middle class residents with a rate of 5%. We never got to finish with the lower class but we think that somewhere between 2% and 2.5% would be an appropriate tax rate for them. We would like to try this experiment, see how it works out, and then move on from there.

In our fiscal budget we were very successful with making our monthly income and monthly expenses equal. We found that if we taxed the low wealth at 6%, the medium wealth at 10%, and the high wealth at 15% we made money immediately but we still needed to cut some expenses. To do this we had to go to our city ordinances and cut many unnecessary programs. We now have two almost equal numbers for our monthly expenses. We feel that with more time we would have been able to do lots of different things once we found the perfect fiscal system.
Traffic Eric

We have also thought of many different approaches to help traffic stay up and healthy. From now on when we start building developments we propose that we build them away from the road, just incase it becomes crowded and congested, we can expand the roads without destroying the buildings. Another proposal of mine is to fix the potholes in the city because we have a lot of them.

Another problem is that 78% of our travel is by car. We think that we need to build more trams, which will decrease congestion in most parts of the city. Another challenge that our city faces is that a major highway cuts right though it, slowing down the back road’s traffic. My proposal is to build trains and trams so more people will ride the train instead of taking the car. Traffic is currently going up, which is good but we still feel the need to improve it to make other aspects better too.

If we fix all of the problems stated above we will have a happier society and a happier town, which will make the mayor rating rise. If we make trams, it will be a "train"(get it, a tram is a type of train) reaction and things will start to fix themselves.
Environment Noah

The environment in East Weburg is a possibly a future problem. Our water pollution is steadily going up, and Air pollution is staying consistent at a high rate. These two statistics alone show you that our environment is a problem. Also, our traffic is causing environmental problems. This is because a majority of our residents drive cars. This means that the extra car emissions are causing more air pollution. This has caused our environmental problems to become more serious.

There are many ways to solve these environmental problem. This is the solution that best fits our situation. First, we will need a new mass transit system because our previous one was not working. Next, we would need to add some sort of water filtration system if possible. This will solve our water pollution problem. Also we will need to clean up our dirty industry by taxing it ,or adding environmental protection laws and/or agencies. The last part of the plan would be to develop or put in newer and cleaner sources of energy.

These changes to our city will cause many things to be altered. One thing that will be changed by this plan will be taxes. The industry tax for dirty industry will be raised. Also we will have to spend some money buying new sources of power and water purification. Sure this will cost money, but hopefully taxing dirty industry will help pay for these changes. Then last but not least, we will have to pay for a new mass transit system. Though this will cost money, it helps not only the environment , but also other problems in our city.

There were many changes that we needed to make to our city. The main changes that affected the environment in our city were the addition of buses and environmental ordinances. These helped balance out our environment. This helped us prevent a very dangerous downward spiral. The main thing that we did to make the best changes to our city’s for environment is to make changes that not only helped environment ,but also helped other parts of our city.

Safety Colt

Upon looking at our city streets we gasped, ditches, potholes, and other forms of road hazards. We were horrified when we looked at our city’s crime rate, it has increased by an incredible amount and there’s barely any budget for law enforcement. Most of our city is slowly falling apart and our safety is taking a nosedive.

To help our city’s safety issues we plan to build law enforcement department buildings and other necessary buildings such as firehouses and courthouses. We also plan to add a road repair crew to help keep our automobile driving citizens safe. We will also install public transportation for all of our citizens which will decrease our budget for a while, but eventually it will make us more money than we spent. It can also make more jobs for our citizens, which may attract others to move into our city.

Our city needs to fix a lot of major problems and safety is one of them. We believe that we can make our city work, it just needs some improvement.

When we tried these things out some in the long run failed when they almost seemed to work, then before it was finished it collapsed on us. In conclusion I think many of the experiments we tried out did okay it was just hard to help safety with all of the currency issues with our city. Our city is doing just fine and it is holding up , not many people have left and we are not losing money. I believe our safety is doing fine and our city is still holding up.
Land Value Julian

The land value in our city is quite high, and the city is quite healthy. Land value is the cost of land and the quality of it. There are very few ways to raise land value, but it can be done. It is important to raise all the other subjects because land value is affected by all of them. Health, safety, education, environment, and traffic can all change land value.

Good healthcare and hospitals can promote good industries, business, and a safe city which in turn, can get families interested in homes. Again, a good education system can promote family living. Finally, the traffic can increase the flow of people to central city. The specific ways of increasing land value come from all of the other aspects of the city. We could improve land value by lowering high traffic areas and changing them to many smaller low traffic areas. The sims would not like to live in a high traffic area so they would move to smaller, quieter areas. They would also like a better environment, so we could plant trees and lower pollution levels in our town, which is a big problem is our city. We could also place more police departments in the city to reduce our crime rate. These things could raise land value in the city and promote good living areas.

We did not make many changes to effect land value directly. We did this because every single thing you do to fix something in a city effects land value. So to fix land value you must fix all other categories. We found that land value was something that was just a summary of everything. The only thing we did that effected land value directly was too zone industry in some of our open areas. We think this is why our land value was just ok. We also added beaches, marinas, and parks.

Education Ben

One of the city’s other more important elements is the education. The education for East Weburgh is doing pretty good right now "bar" wise. The bar is in the middle on the green side, and going up by 2 arrows right now. Over the last 500 years, education in our city has flourished a great amount. Also over the last 500 years, the education has gone up with age. The reason for education going up has several different aspects. One of them could be because our crime rate in the city is not too high. With the crime relatively low, the city can focus their attention on more educational purposes.

Over the past few months of playing Sim City, education has been getting better and better. The education for East Weburgh now is all the way at the top with 2 arrows going up. Education, in my opinion, has been doing better for many different reasons. The main reason would have probably been because we raised the schools and school buses. We made more schools because our population was growing, and there were more children in East Weburgh. We raised the buses up because we had more schools. I thought what raising the schools and buses was definitely a good thing for our city. In conclusion, the education of East Weburgh has been doing better than it was at the beginning of the year.

Another aspect could be that because we have a huge population which may mean that we have a better variety of teachers than other cities. The population for our city gives us a lot of opportunities for teacher jobs. Also, another aspect could be that our mayor rating is attracting more educational jobs. Different jobs for education would be a teacher, principle, superintendent, assistant-intendent, etc. The education for East Weburgh is doing okay but we are really hoping that it goes up by the time that the game comes to its closure.

Health Tyler

When we started our city, our health was very high. This surprised us though because our crime was also very high. At first we thought this was just a glitch, but we figured out that we had hospitals and firefighters in our city which made the health go up. Our city’s heath varies on almost everything. If we make a building, usually our health will go down. When we build a hospital though, it will go up. The next two paragraphs will address our cities health and how it differs when we do certain things.

So far through our experimenting we have built things and destroyed things. One day we built a beach and noticed that our health was going down we just guessed that our Sims were drowning and we couldn't find out how to fix this. Another time, we destroyed three road lanes in our city. As you would think, our health went down. Yet, it didn't just go down, it plummeted to its death. We are trying to work harder to find ways to build our city without lowering the health.
All in all, our cities health has stayed mostly high throughout all of our experimenting. With a few low spots in our experimenting, we now know what we should and should not do with our city. We will take this knowledge and use it to our benefit so we can keep our city alive and thriving.

In conclusion, many different factors and variables affected our game play. If we changed one little thing, such as raise the taxes by 1% it would completely affect our city in many different ways. Overall, I think our team learned a lot about government and money management from our experience in this game so far and we can not wait to start experimenting with our newly found ideas.

Austin did the editing, formatting, introduction and conclusion.