MAY 10Today, we decided to edit the budget again, but very slightly. We did some industrial zoning in the bottom left of our city (medium). When we did this, most of the city came up with briefcases. We are expecting that that means that........... We restarted because of zoning failures. We are going to re-zone our city, and add busses and bus stops. we added a giant piece of high density industrial land to make money. we are lowering taxes to attract the high wealth community. We added 3 windmills to fix power problems.

We are lowering some taxes and raising others. we have turned our negative taxes into a positive gain for about $200 a month. We did this by reducing our monthly expenses by about $2000. We put another police station in the city along with some windmills. We had to raise taxes again. Now we are putting pipes in for the water. We are trying to fix the water. We are connection water pipes to water towers. We are doing good so far today. We are thinking about saving todays work. Built a road for a stranded car. health education safety and land value are going down but we can get it back up. We are adding youth curfew act and putting a jail in for all of the criminals.

Elijah-fiscal budgetaustin-intro & conc.noah- environmentColt-SafetyEric-TrafficBen-EducationJulian-land valueTyler-Health

We are now experimenting and put some police offices in and some trees and we are destroying slums. We are checking out some of the objectives and challenges that pop up but Mr. Fullerton says that we should not do them:( Now tyler is making a road in someones yard that goes no where. We just flattened our city to build an airport and we were destroyed. lets just say we lost.Mayoral Advisers

Introduction - The mayor’s advisers, all seven of them, play an important role in your planning report. They are loyal city employees who work for the mayor and want nothing but the best for the city or town. These advisers let you know if the mayor is skimping on a crucial area or when they think you should install certain services or buildings. They have vital information that you need to know and understand, but you must listen to them.

Mission 3 - Become familiar with the mayor’s advisers by listing their full names and job title, describe each of their jobs. Review and then summarize their latest assessments on the city/town by reading their advice to the mayor and then taking their recommendation and
incorporating it into your planning report outline.

If you have time, try an experiment and see if the advise given makes a difference. Remember, do not save the game. Exit without saving it.

Mayor's Rating

Introduction: The rating the mayor receives from the voters, the Sims, is important for economic development. The rating increases and decreases based on many factors within your city/town.

Mission 4 - Using the manuals make a list of items that have an affect on mayor ratings. Your team must list as many reasons as possible for why the mayor's rating is important for economic recovery.

Neil Fairbanks is the city planner
Monique Diamond is the Finance Advisor
Jonas Sparks is the Utilities Advisor
Sam Armstrong is the Public Safety Advisor
Bettina Dean is the Health and Education Advisor
Jamil Herd Transportation Advisor
Camille Meadows is the Environmental Advisor

The mayors ratings have increased over the last 500 years but right now the citizens aren't that happy. Right now they are just steady. It's not that they are not happy it is just that they are not exactly super sad.
  • We are not a Fire Hazard
  • we have quite a lot of crime but it will be handled
  • High IQ on the main land
  • Doesn't need water
  • Doesn't need power
  • Has a large population
  • Has a lot of traffic
  • Has a lot of low wealth desire
  • Mostly everyone likes the mayor
  • Many young people
  • Slightly/average health
  • Slightly low air pollution
  • Little to none water pollution
  • Garbage is controlled
  • No radiation contamination

Economic Trends
Introduction - Unlike City Map Views, Graphs depict data city-wide and show you trends over time. These economic indicators are useful in predicting future decisions the have an affect on the economy.

Mission 5 - As economic advisers to the Mayor, you'll what to know what things were like in the city/town, five, ten, even 100 years ago. Track the historical trends of all 17 graphs to see what changes have worked in the past, in the hopes of predicting a future plan. Write a summary sentence for each graph analysis.

Crime, commute time, power, water, air pollution, job & population, water pollution, garbage, education, education by age, population by age, life expectancy, residential average income, city income vs. expenses, funds, RCI demand, mayor rating, traffic volume

Crime= Over the last 500 years the amount of crime has been going down.
Commute Time= Over the last 500 years commute time has gone up but is now steady.
Power= Over the last 500 years the amount of power in our city has gone up drastically.
Water= Over the last 500 years the amount of water has gone up then down, up, then down, then up again, and now it is going down.
Air Pollution= Over the last 500 years the amount of air pollution has spiked up and is now going steady.
Jobs & Pop.= Over the last 500 years the amount of jobs and population has gone up.
Water Pollution= Over the last 500 years the amount of water pollution has spiked up, went down a little and is now quite steady.
Garbage= Over the last 500 years the amount of garbage in our city has gone up and then evened out.
Education= Over the last 500 years the amount of education in our city has gone up.
Education by age= Over the last 500 years the amount of education in our city has gone up with age.
Population by age= Over the last 500 years the population has gone up then way down with age.
Life expectancy= Over the last 500 years the life expectancy has gone up.
Residential Average Income= Over the last 500 years the Residential Average Income has gone up.
City Income/Expenses= Over the last 500 years the Income has gone up but is now down and the expenses have went up.
Funds= Over the last 500 years the Funds went way up but are now down.
RCI Demand= Over the last 500 years the Residential is high Comercial is low and Industrial is high

Mayor Rating= Over the last 500 years the Mayor Rating has been high.
Traffic Volume= Over the last 500 years the Traffic volume is high and congested.

We raised taxes for all citizens, Higher wealth or greater income residents are taxed a 7.0 % or 5,850 dollars. Our middle class residents are being taxed a 5.0 % or 5,290 dollar.

Population 272,706-Budget 112,604.

We will experiment with the taxes. We are changing our taxes to mostly random numbers but we did make low wealth residence low tax medium class in the middle and high wealth class high taxes. We are also trying to lower our monthly outcome. We aremaking power higher and everything else lower so we can make money. We also made taxes higher to 2 5 and 7. Ben built about 5 water towers today and is wasting all of our money.


Currently, we are bringing our taxes up in order to raise some money for our government. Once we raise some money, we are going to build some new roads. We brought low wealth up to 6%, medium wealth up to 8% and high wealth up to 12%. We are adding and getting rid of some of our ordinances. For example, we got rid of the Community CPR Training Program and added Carpool Incentive Program. We also legalized gambling. We ares starting to cut certain services in order to get some money to do what we would like to do in the city. Some things that we had to decrease funding in is Fire and Police Department. We also lowered our funding in School Buses. Also to get money, we are importing trash. Slowly but steadily, we are cutting some funds to different kinds of businesses and services in our town. We are almost breaking even at this point. We are just about $3,000 off from breaking even. We just saved our city, since we achieved the budget level we were looking for. We just started our city on rabbit speed so we can see how our changes react with the city. Within about 2 months, we lost 6,000 people from our population. We are adding some underground pipes. We also added a new water pump. We just finished getting most of our city some water. We have already spent $30,000 dollars on our water pipes. Eli just added a marina to the south side of our city. We are trying to put in a road so we can can connect the marina to the street. We decided that we are not going to save our game.

Written by: Austin Piel


Today, we are desiding to zone commerical and industrial areas. We are doing this so that we can tax them. Then, we can raise the taxes for them and get more money. After that, we will destroy all the slums then rebuild onto on them. We hope out of all the reconstruction that we can get more money in the city and go positive for our income.
All the industries= 8%
High income=13.3%
Medium= 8.9%
-Ben W.

May 26

We are building tool booths to decrease traffic jams hopefully they will make people drive on other roads
We have also build airports and other tourist interest places. We are hoping yo attract people and get some income.
we also tried to adjust our budget and try to fix the economic depression