Hannah D.
Mr. Fullerton
SimCity Planning Report Project
June 9,2011

Team 1D Analysis Report- Bendburger
Cities are always changing, and our city is no exception. Sometimes, change can be good, but in our city, the change was the opposite. We needed to fix the economy, we have a good education system, and health network, but the other four topics were huge issues. In this report, we state how we are going to fix our city. We have now made these changes to Bendburger, and we are going to tell you how these changes effected our city.

Fiscal Policy-
In the city of (Bendburger) income is lowering and is not coporating. People are going through recession(unemployment) and inflation(Risin the costs of goods, food, gas and building roads)so people can't pay off their depts and having economic problems. The city budget is going as planed right now but in future refrences the budgets will decrease. Expenses stayed leveled and then all of sudden dropped and leveled out again. Income was also leveled, but suddenly dropped, but dropped more quick than the expenses. At 10 years they both leveled out longer and then the income dropped all the way down. The expenses slowly went down. At 100 years they both slowly increased to the top and suddenly dropped all the way again.It will decrease because of water loss,crime and fraud, people can't pay there bills and will lose their house, and consumer. Our city has a progessive tax system which is when the government charges the higher class people more in their tax and the lower class citizens get charged less.

So our team has desided to increase taxes by 6% and will try to solve the traffic and water loss problems to balance out our city's budget. Our team is going to try to fix the problem with the water loss by putting more water pipes through out the city. If the that doesnt work we'll cut off the some of the major companies water supplies because we believe the industries are cutting off the city's water supplies. Another idea is we will widen the roads so the traffic will decrease but we'll only widen the major highways so the safety doesnt go down as much . The city of Brendburger is also going through unenployment and thats a easy one to fix, what we are going to do is inploymore people into more jobs like law in forcement, teaching, and becoming a worker in the medical field. There's alot of slums in the city, that is causing a problem with land value and there a huge waste of space. So out team is going to destroy all of the slums and replace them with schools, offices, hospitals, police department, or just a entertaining place such as a park or beach. Our team will also try to put in more substanable houses for the citizens. Our city has a good amount of crime and we are going to double or even triple our police stations and fire departments so the city of brendburger will stay absolutely safe.

With all these replacements and the destroying of things, our team thinks that by doing all of this will do more than help. It will correct all problems for our city so the citizens of Brendburger will have a safe and healthy city to live in and start a future. Our team hopes that the land value, safety, education, money, etc. will increase for the city of Brendburger. Team 1D will correct and demulish all the problems in our city so the people will stay content and won't decrease over time. The city of Brendburger will always be protected by our team and it will always stay a happy and safe place as long as group 1D is there and as long as Mr. fullerton doesn't destroy it again.

Through the past weeks we made all the changes, we resuplied the water and we got rid of all the smogs and abandon houses and put in industry. Once we put in the industries our population grew from 3,250 to 30,752 which a huge increase. we got rid of the water problem from putting in water pumps and water tanks once they were put in the cities water was replanished, we also got water from other cities. once we gor rid of slums and abandon houses the evirorment went up and so did the land value. we also desided to fix the roads by redoing them and that made traffic go up. because all the icons are going up and theres more people(which means more money) our fiscal policy is blanced and is pretty high in money.

In our teams city, our environment is somewhere in between good and bad. So far it has been very slowly trying to recover. It is not as demanding as some other issues, but is still a problem. The air pollutionis decreasing slowly while water is slowly increasing. The pollution rates are not stable and could change quickly. Garbage in our city has never been a problem. It was quickly taken care of. The amount of it is decreasing. There is also a direct relationship between the environment and land value. If the environment increasingly bad, no one will want the land. Traffic also contributes to the environment. The amount of traffic contributes to air pollution and garbage.

How our team is going to fix the problem is by planting a lot of trees in the areas where there is a lot of business to see if we can make the environment better. By planting trees and parks, we can lower air pollution. Another way we can fix pollution is to create awater treatment plant. It would get the pollution out of the water and increase our city’s Environment.

Our team predicts that the environment will slowly recover. It takes a very long time to decrease the pollution then it does to increase it. The final results will take awhile to be seen. In the meantime while it is slowly on the rise we could take care of the issues that cause it like traffic.

Land Value-
In the Town of Bendburger, there is about 7 problems my group and I found with the land value that need to be fixed. These problems are things such as lack of trees, buildings are all cluttered in one spot, way to many slums and abandoned buildings, too much traffic (people don’t want to live near noisy traffic), Crime levels are high in certain areas, a lot of just spars and unused land, there is a lot of water pollution and lack of water, and there is bad electricity. My group and I have thought of ways to fix each problem in a certain way. These are our plans of action!

The tree problem was an easy one to fix, along with getting rid of the slums and abandoned buildings. Our team got rid of the slums and replacing it with trees. We also put trees in empty spots between houses or alone the side of the roads. There was also a lot of buildings cluttered in one spot, so with the slums out of the way, we have room to put more nicer houses and even spread out houses among the land. Traffic is a big problem too. People don’t want to live next to beeping cars and all that noise. It could also be dangerous to children. So to fix that we thought it was necessary to add more roads to give the little Sims more ways to get to where they are going. Crime is another big problem to our land value in Bendburger. There is a lot of crime is one area of land. Our team thought stepping up police force would lower the rate of crime by a lot! Also in Bendburger there is a lot of sparse, unused land. That is another easy problem to fix.Our team took that sparse barren land; we replaced it with parks, skate parks, basketball courts, softball fields, and green houses. Our team also planted trees around that! The last two problems Bendburger faces, that cause land value to drop, is lack of water and electricity. Water pollution is causing our town to lack water. Our team wants to put more water pipes and get better purifiers to clean out the water. Also if it is possible I think cleaning out lakes and other bodies of water are crucial. The lack electricity is the final problem we found hurting our land value. Our plan is to spread out and add more electrical polls and take out electricity where it isn’t needed. Our team needs to save as much as we can!

How do we think this will work out in the future? Our team thinks very well. Each problem has a direct way to fix it, and we believe that fixing those obstacles will make out land value shoot through the roof! Our team thinks in no time our land value will be fixed and Bendburger will have a great land. It will have lights, running water, trees, parks, more roads, and it will even be a safer environment with less crime! All in our group 1D believes that once we fix these land values problems Bendburger will be a happy, beautiful place once again.

There is no current problems in our cities education. Through out the years, educatin has risen up to 160s, then it decreased to and is now slowly increasing once again. In Benburger, most people that get an education are between the ages of eleven and thirty. The second age groups that most people get an eductaion are one to ten years, thirty-one to forty years and forty-one to fifty years. The only problem we have is a little one, we only have one school and it only covers a certain area.

In order to fix our miniscule problem our team has to add more schools and also increase the amount of taxes towards the schools so that they cover a bigger area. Our team will also add colleges and pre-schools so that more people in our city can get an education. In order to insure that our education rate does not drop, our team will continue to check what our citizens think of our changes, and then coorect the eduction changes based on these evaluations. There isn't much tht we can do to improve our education, but there is a lot we can do to keep it up to date and close to perfection.

When our team adds more schools, and increase there area, our team predicts that the schools will allow more kids to attend, therefore ridding Bendburger of its low education areas. Also, when our team adds the colleges and pre-schools, the range of people attending school will also increase. Our team predicts that in time, our citizens will want us to make specific changes to the education system, such as add more schools for certain age groups, or change the size of that school, or even make more schools beacuse we ran out of room. Our team will do whatever it takes to make sure the people of Benburger are happy, even if that means raising the taxes. Our team will do everything in our power to make sure that our city is productive and the people are happy.

To fix our city's education, we put in a High School and College. These made the level of education in our city increase, and also these schools made the quality of education increase. When we took out the slums and added industries, more people moved into our city, and this brought in more people to attend the schools. We did not do a lot for education because we had to focus on our water and money problems, so education took the backseat when it came to fixing our problems.
In our city the traffic problem is horible. The main problem is just congestion. There are a lot of people, and they're all trying to drive on the small narrow roads.
Our traffic in the slums has low congestion because there aren't many people going there, but the traffic in the city and the suburbs are really bad. The traffic going from the cities to the suburbs has the worst congestion in Bendburger.

To fix the traffic the first thing we need to do is of course add new roads. We have some open grass were we can add roads to lower the congestions. But we have to be careful because if we add roads the wrong way it can cause more problems.

If our team doesn't fix it now its going to get a lot worse. But if we fix it and add new roads there will be a lot less congestions giving us better roads and better health.

Traffic is unfortunately a big reason for why our cities population was decreasing, from accidents and also because people left because they felt unsafe. To fix our horrible traffic, we tried adding roads to empty grasses, but it didn't help very much because not many cars/drivers chose to drive on our new roads. We also tried to pave up all the the pot holes we could find. This helped more in Safety then it did in traffic.

Health in our city barely has any problems. There is one little problem with health though. There are bloches of bad health around our city. It seems like the slums have real bad health. It also can only be the buildings around the outer part of the city. The bad health is only at the top outer part of the city. That is probably because there is mostly slums up there.

Our solution to this problem is to get rid of the slums. Our team could also try to add more water. If you don’t have any water, your health can go down. Improving the water pollution in the spots where there is water. Another solution is to improve the air pollution. Improving the air pollution where it is high could make a big difference in health. To do all this improving, our team would have to spend a lot of money. Especially if our team has to add water everywhere and get rid of the slums and build more homes.

Once our team does this the health will improve. Since our team would have to use a lot of money our team would have to increase the taxes. That might make people leave because the taxes are higher than usual. Then, our team would have to raise the payment of jobs. That might hurt the economy than. After all of this is worked out though, our team thinks that the health will deffinately increase, but other subjects might decrease. Improving something doesn’t mean that everything else stays the same. That’s why some things have to stay the way they are.

To improve our city's health, we had to fix the water problem. To be able to do this, we needed more water. So we connected our pipes to South Weburg, the city that lives right next to us. That helped get more water, but it still didn't help the health of not having water. Then we connected more water pipes and added water pumps to more volume of water through the pipes. By doing this we actually solved the water problem. People started repopulating in our city, the population increased from 3,250 to 30,752, and there was water being given through out the city.

Our city has minor crimes, such as fighting and car theft. Our fire department is low because there isnt very many in our city. Traffic is another safety issue , there is a lot of traffic. Crime is mostly our biggest safety issue. Our team is doing a lot to make our city a safer place.

Our team decided to add more fire departments to our city. Also our team is going to add more police stations where they are necessary, mostly where most crimes happen. Our team is in the middle of working and fixing our traffic problem. Our team is adding more roads where most traffic is. Safety is slowly getting better.

Our team predicts that the number of arrests will decrease, but the number of crimes will go up then drop then go back up. When we fix the roads we predict safety will get a little better. Adding more fire departments will make safety better. When we add police stations where needed we predict that it will make crime less likely to happen. We hope making these changes will lead to a safer city.

In this essay, we have told you how we are going to fix or city. Now we are going to put these ideas into action. After we apply these changes, we are going to have a nice city, with happy and healthy citizens.

For safety we tried to widen roads so there would be less accidents, but that didn’t work out too well for us. Other then that we didn’t do much to make safety go up because we were afraid if we added more roads to stop accidents traffic would get lower. Also we were afraid if we changed any of the other stuff would get lower when we finally got them to go up.