We put in a high school and a college, they were successful, it made our education go up. We destroyed 3 slums, which went really well. We also put in a subway around the town, but it did not help because we do not have an entrance for it yet. We are putting in water towers to help with the lack of water. Spreading the water towers out will get more water to all the buildings. Than we put in more pipes for the water all around the town, so the water towers can carry the water to every place in the town. We ended up putting the water towers closer together to get the water to run. Than we added water pumps next to water towers and places with no water in them. When we added all the water towers and pumps, we lost A LOT of money. So we started to raise the taxes. For example, for the dirty industry we raised the taxes by 6% with a monthly estimate of $15. We had to raise taxes very high in order to get more money and have our plan work. We received $300 by raising taxes. We did a little experiment next. We went to our neighboring city and tryed to get water from them. To get water in our city, our neighbors allowed their water to get to us. This helped a little bit, but not a whole lot. To help the water problem, we also put in several water pumps. Putting in water pumps helped a bunch of people out, but it still didn't give water to all the people in the city. For the water problem our team also connected water pipes to the water pumps, which made the pipes turn white instead of red. Our team also had to increase the amount of water our team is buying. To make this work our team also has to raise taxes so we don't go farther in debt. Adding pipes helped out a little bit. Adding even more water pipes helps make the empty spots blue, but adding more pipes than our team needs, it takes away water from other water pipes. That decreases the water that is going to those places. So it depends where our team puts the water pipes. As our team played with these pipes, the buildings were starting to become abandoned even though they were getting water. The abandoning of people is probably the reason why our taxes are really low and we aren't getting anything from it. So the lower the population the less money our team gets. Now with all the abandoned houses, we are destroying them because they is no use anymore for the water that is going to those buildings. Today my team and I repaved the roads in our town and distroyed a lot of the slums. We checked for the abandoned houses and got rid of them. A lot of the abandoned houses where left behind because of lack of water.We destroyed slums that were abandonned do to lack of water. We are adding water pumps, to give water to the apartments that don't have any. We solved our water crisis by connecting and adding pumps. Our population went from 3,250 to 30,752 .
A broken water pump made houses erupt full of water we fixed it by adding the broken pipe to another broken one to make it one full unbroken pipe. The pipes burst because they get rusted. The longer the pipes are not looked after the greater the chance that the pipe will burst and the house will explode. As you fix those rusty pumps every time we go in, that will cost us money. So we have to keep on fixing rusted pumps every time they rust.