Anneliesse B
Mr. Fullerton
SimCity Project Planning Report
June 8, 2011

Analysis Report – Wrenton

Our team has encountered many problems in our city that we plan to improve on. Even though our mayor rating is very high we still want to make many changes. We conducted some experiments in different areas of our city and we think they will help our city improve ratings and polls. Some of our problems include pollution, traffic, big fires, no water. From the experiments we made, these problems could easily be fixed.

Our city is low on funding for many areas, and to fix this we plan to raise taxes so that we have funding for pollution, water supply, and other important issues. Our team will add pipes to get water throughout the city, add police kiosks to reduce crime, and add more transportation choices to reduce traffic and pollution. We think our economic situation is pretty good from the viewing our ratings and some polls. We think a city can always be improved, and that is what we are trying to do. We want to establish a good economy.

Fiscal Policy
The fiscal policy of Wrenton must consider revenues from taxes and total expenses. Basically, it involves all financial transactions of money coming in and going out of our city’s government. The problem with our fiscal policy is that we are spending more money than we are taking in. The town is overspending in some areas, and not fully funding other important town needs. This creates a long term situation that we cannot afford. If Wrenton’s fiscal policy is not adjusted, we will face bankruptcy in several years. Balance is essential to all government’s fiscal policy, and when it is balanced, growth occurs.

Our mayor needs to focus on creating more revenue. We plan to suggest to the mayor it raise taxes enough to fund some of the required spending. We have to be careful not to raise them too much, because the sims may be unhappy. Our team plans to enhance the transportation in Wrenton to attract more visitors and businesses to our city. Some improvements we want to make are building a monorail and subway system. The hope is that this will create more revenue for Wrenton because people will find it easier to get around.

Another improvement we propose is increasing the diversity of commerce in our city. This will attract a larger variety of people to Wrenton, who will spend money and possibly move there. In order to increase the diversity of our businesses, we will have to adjust zoning to include more commercial locations. Improving transportation will make attracting businesses much easier. These two plans will work hand in hand to achieve a better fiscal policy.

Once transportation and commercial diversity advancement have taken effect, we hope to reduce taxes. When Wrenton’s taxes are reduced, the city will become even more attractive to people and businesses. We believe that our financial status will improve enough to start to address other minor issues, such as education, health, and safety.
Financial growth and stability is needed to sustain a successful city. If our system works, other nearby cities might try to follow our example. This will make the whole local area more favorable and productive. We believe that Wrenton has potential to grow in population and become a popular destination with our suggest plan of action.

We carried out our plan for fiscal policy, and it worked very well. The overall well being of our city has increased, and almost all of the polls increased to green, or in the middle of green and red. The commercial aspect of our city has grown, and that has increased our population and tax base. This fiscal policy worked very well for our city, and we are happy we followed through with it.
~Corinne Pillarella

The environment problem in our city is the air pollution where we have huge traffic problems. We have so many cars that there are tons of crashes and traffic jams.
The cars just give off a lot of fuels while waiting to get out of the jam. We also have very low water pollution in our city. There are no problems with garbage because we export it all. That is what the environment problem in our city is.

Our major solution to this problem is to fix the traffic issue. The air is polluted by the fumes given off by the cars. The water can also be affected by this. Fixing this will take care of the majority of our problem. We will also add more water filters to make sure the water is pure, and make sure the factories are not polluting to much. That is how we plan on fixing our environment problem.

We predict that once our problems our solved the population will increase, and our city will become more desirable. This would also increase the mayor’s rating.

When we actually played the game we changed our plan a little. We did add subways to fix the traffic problem, which would lead to fixing most of our environment problem, although no sims took them so we added tool booths at most roads. This helped improve the environment greatly. We also added gardens, parks, and other outdoor recreational areas which also increased our environment poll. We did not end up adding water filters because we didn’t have enough money to. We did destroy some of our slums, and other polluting buildings and added high tech businesses which pollute less. That is what actually happened with the environment when we played the game.
~Rachael Snyder

Land Value

The cities land value problem is the slums we also can fix and maintain buildings properly and export our trash to other cities. Land value in sim city is determined by the area of land. The reason why slums decrease this is it makes the land the buildings is on horrible. Those are the problems with our teams land value.

Some solutions to help our cities land value to increase is to destroy all the slums in our city during the process we can replace the old slums with new buildings. We also can increase funding to schools, fire houses, police stations, and library. Some minor ways we can export all of our garbage to other cities.

Our team predicts the land value will increase more then when the slums were around. Our team thinks the population will increase higher than what it is located at now. We also hope our land value says high as in the last 6 weeks. That is what our team predicts will happen when we make the changes to the city.


Our education bar is mostly green so our schools in the city seemed perfect. But what we don’t understand is why it’s green. When we went to look at the schools, we expected everything to be perfect. That’s not what we saw. Some of our schools were paying for busing and teachers, but we didn’t have any students at that school! What we were doing was throwing our sims tax dollars out the window! We had to make a change then and there.

We decided to lower the funding considerably. When we did lower the funding, the amount of teachers at that school lowered immensely. Also, all the busing stopped. We let it go on for about 2-4 months while we were fixing other problems, such as traffic, health, and jobs etc, to see how that played out.

After we gave it some time we saw that there were students starting to attend our schools and then we added more funding into the school for buses, teachers, supplies, etc. Also, the majority of the city has low education because we don't have as many schools as we need. We plan to add more high schools, and middles schools, as we only have one of each. We won’t add any elementary schools because we already have three.

Once we started the game for real, we decided that the money that we were going to spend on education wasn't worth it. We decided to spend the money on a bigger problem before we did anything hasty with our city's education. We saw that the bar for education was going always going up, even when we lowered the funding for it. And while we had education on the back-burner, we saw that the bar was still staying green so it wasn't a necessity to fix it at that time. We had been planning to increase the finding and finish fixing education, but we ran out of time in the end.

Currently, traffic is the biggest problem in our city. Rush hour traffic is out of control and our mayor’s rating is being affected. The roads are mainly congested on the outside of the city. We think this is because many sims work in other towns. Even though it has not happened yet, we believe that the sims will start moving out of our city because they are unhappy. Our traffic issues are affecting the environment. The population of cars on the road is so great that the gases and fuels are creating air pollution. Another issue we have encountered is potholes. It is causing problems with people’s cars. Citizens are avoiding these roads, causing major congestion on other roads.

The first thing we will do is fix our town’s pothole issue. Before we start any form of alternative transportation, our roads must be accessible in the mean time. We want to build a subway system to reduce the number of cars on the road. Our team believes we will make money after we pay back the amount we spent to build them. In order to do this, we will have to raise taxes. We think the sims will cooperate with the tax raise because they will not need a car. Also, we can cut safety spending by a small amount. Our town’s crime rate is low, and we can most likely keep it this way with only a few changes in our budget. Also, we want to pursue a monorail system. This will lower the city’s air pollution and be a more convenient form of transportation.

We plan to build an airport in Wrenton. This will increase our amount of visitors. It will also make it easy for our sims to travel to other cities, and sims from other cities can easily travel to ours. An airport will increase the popularity of our city by creating a neat and rare attraction.

Once these changes are made, we hope our sims will use the subways and monorails. If they don’t, we will try to entice them by lower the cost of tickets. If the subways and monorails develop as well as we hope they will, we plan to eliminate some roads and fill them in with buildings and stores. Having multiple forms of transportation will make our city more popular, and our population might increase.

The first step we took to solve traffic was adding subway stations and subways. This did absolutely nothing, the sims were not using them and they were just a waste of money. We decided to let the game play and take care of other issues at hand, and see if any sims utilized the subway system. As the game played, the sims did not use the subways, but the traffic poll increased, until it was mostly green. This surprised us, and we are still not completely sure what factors were involved in changing this poll.
~ Corinne

The only problem in the health department is that our sims have been living without water. We only have five water pipes running horizontally throughout the city. Every major street that runs through the city has water pipes, but no water. Also, our city is fully powered so we don’t need to worry about that. Were also are hoping this will raise our life expectancy. As far as pollution goes, were doing fine.

All we need to do to raise the health of our city is add more water towers and add more water pipes. That should fix our water problem. We will get this money by cutting our education funding. One year ago, our life expectancy was 87. Two months ago, it was down to 20, and now it is at 60.

After our water problem is fixed, our town's health poll will rise. It will most likely stay this way because we have plenty of hospitals and clinics in Wrenton. We are lucky to have a city with a great health program, we because health can make or break a city.

Once we started the game, we started fixing up the water situation right way. After we had this done, the overall health of our city went up and stayed up, as we thought it would. The pollution in our city has stayed the same, even though we zoned for industry. We think that it was the type of industry that we added. We put in high-tech industry so the pollution wouldn't be affected. How did we do that? We made the taxes low for only that industry and for all the other industries, we taxed the living daylights out of them so that they wouldn't want to be in our city. We also added a beach, some parks, and we added flower gardens. We put the flower gardens all around the zoned industry section, so that even if the pollution-inducing industries did decide to build there, the plants would suck up all the carbon, therefor erasing the problem.

The safety problems in our city are not very frequent, but we could improve them so that everyone feels safe. TPing, graffiti, and pie throwing are the most occurring crimes, and they have impacted a lot of people in Wrenton. These crimes don't seem that bad, but when they are occurring a lot it gets to be a problem. Another small issue is that fires are breaking out throughout the city and we don't have enough firefighters and firetrucks to set them out. This problem is occurring because the funding for firefighters is low, and they wont do the job if they aren't getting paid.

Another issue relating to the fires is that we don't have enough water in our city to set out the fires, so even if there was funding for firefighters they would not have any water to put out them out. We will get more funding from either raising taxes or take from a smaller funding area. Another way to get rid of the crimes and safety problems, is that we need to eliminate all of the slums in our city and then maybe we would have a higher poll for safety.

Our team's solution for the crimes is to put in a lot more police stations in our city, one on each major street corner. Also, we will have more police on the streets to catch the people before they commit the crime. To solve the fire issue we will raise funding rates to satisfy the firefighters, and put in more fire houses around the city. Also, we plan to put more pipes in our city and add water sources to solve the water problems so that there is a way to put out fires. Safety is not our first priority. These problems are relatively minor, and we plan to fix them after Wrenton’s major issues are resolved.

We think that our city's ratings will get even higher because there will be less safety concerns. We believe that if we improve the city's safety, our population will increase and we will earn more money for funding. If we get more money we could keep working on improving our city even more and set up a better area for people to live. The funding will let us get more police stations and schools so that we could solve all the issues in our city.

As we added more police stations, the crime began to get better. An issue we came upon was that different crimes started occuring throughout the city. Soon we were able stop these major crimes. Also, the safety issue with fires, when we added more funding for the firefighters, the issue of no fire trucks stopped. So, we are happy to say we increased our poll and our safety got better.

When we looked at our city for the first time, we saw its weaknesses and strengths. Overall our city really needed to a solution to fix our traffic, education, and add water pipes. We realized that fixing those big problems would fix all the little problems in our city . We also needed to distribute the funding to where it needed to be, and not pay for things we didn't need.
During this experience we made many changes to our city. We mostly followed our planning report but there were slight differences, but overall we met our goal of greatly improving our city.

~Rachael Snyder

Edited by Corinne