April 15- First week of saving

First, we fixed the water. After doing this, our environment poll started to increase, and our traffic started to increase too.
Next, we added more funding to the police and fire stations. After we do this, we will fix our traffic issues.
Now, we are adjusting our monthly expenses and taxes. We increased taxes for the sims, and oddly our population increased!
We are adding subway stations and subways. No one is taking them, so we are putting toll booths in on the roads.

May 2

We are laying asphalt so that police can drive out of the police station. Then, we raised funding for hospitals, when our health poll is perfect. We are now demolishing all of our slums. After we did this, we zoned more high tech business.

May 6

We cut spending so that our monthly expenses were less than our monthly income. After doing this, our safety went down. Then we played the game, and we gained 150,000 from tax money. Now we are fixing roads because they have potholes. We then added toll booths at almost every entrance to the city.

Add funding for roads and power

May 13

We finished fixing all the potholes and now we want to add parks and trees.
We added a beach and our version of, "Central Park." In it we have community gardens, playgrounds, flower gardens, skateboard parks, tennis courts, gazeboes, and patios. And so we will gain money on everything that we built, (besides on tourism) we added new tolls around everything that we built today.

May 23

We forgot to raise the budget for roads so we had to go in fix all to roads again. We saved the game. We went back to lower taxes and now we had to quit with out saving because we messed up the power lines and we spent too much to save it.