5/20/11 updates: Fixing the roads. Destroying vacant places and replacing them. Planting trees for better health. The potholes are back and now there's no water. Just put in a lake/hole thing and planting trees around. Destroyed the hole thing and made a mountin. Exited the and started it up again because Angie made the hole. Maxed out road severices hoping it would fix the potholes. It didn't work out right. Destroying more vacant areas. Destroyed rail roads. No water on the left side. Angie is trying to fix the water situation. The potholes came back. Now the whole town has no water. Nikesh was trying to fix the water, but just messed every thing up. Fixed potholes, but there is still water out in some parts of the city. Every thing is all better.
5/12/11 updates: We are putting in subways so we can get people off the roads and on the subway. Then we decided not to put in the subway and destroy the subway. We also add more money to the transportation budget. We destroyed some vacant buildings. We also repaved some roads. Our Fiscal Policy is still really not balanced. We are also are trying to get the garbage off the roads. We are selling our trash to another city. Health is still very good. Safety is going down. Education is really good. Traffic is going down. We exited without saving our new data.
5/4/11 updates:We destroyed some vacant building. Even though we have destroyed the vacant buildings the population has stayed the same. We also have been fixing the pot holes on the roads and the train tracks. Increased taxes. We also have added money to transportation. We also are increasing our school funding. Then the potholes reappeared and the we raised money on the road budget and then they came back. The environment went down. Population went down when we destroyed the vacant buildings. Education is good. Traffic was okay but didn't really go down. We checked the values on buildings.What is the current date? Why is this needed?

The current date is 1/28/89 . This date shows us how long our city has exited and its rate of progession.

What is the total monthly income of the city (collected taxes), and the total monthly expenses? Why is this needed?

The monthly income is $8,002 and the monthly expenses are $7,668. This shows us our monthly budget.

What is the total population? How will this act as a tool to improve the economy?

The population is currently 7,268. This can help us make important decisions like zoning and taxes.

Take note and interpret the data on the City Opinion Polls (six colored indicators), using at least three sentences to analysis current data.

The environment, land value, and education are doing terrible which means that they need funding. Safety needs improvement but is still doing ok. Health and Traffic are doing fairly well but they still have major issues.

Using an outside resource define fiscal policy, fiscal budget, taxes, balanced budget, budget surplus, budget deficit, zoning, polls, baseline data.

Fiscal policy: The policy of a goverment in contolling its own expenditures and taxation,which together make up the budget
Taxes: a sum of money demanded by a goverment for its support or for a spefic facillities or services, levied upon incomes, property and sales.
Fiscal Budget: availible money to spend
AdvisorsTittle - NameFinance Advisor - Monique DiamondCity Planner - Neil FairbanksUtilities Advisors - Jonas SparksPublic Safety Advisor - Sam ArmstrongHealth and Educaion Advisor - Bettina DeanTransportation Advisor Jamil HerdEnvironmental Advisor - Camille MeadowsMayor's RatingThe taxes would affect the resident's mood, either making them happy or unhappy. And the higher the taxes, the better the income, but most likely the residents would be unhappy and vice versa. It may also increase work ethic.-The mayer rating has been slowly decreasing-The crime in our city has ben increasing-The life expectancy in our town has dramatically increased.-The commute time started good but is slowly decreasing-The power usage and capacity has been lowered-The job and population has been fluctuating -The average income has increased by 18,000 simling-The air pollution is decreasing-Garbage is increasing-Expenses are increasing-Income is decreasing-Our RCI Demand is low-Education is bad, but easily fixable-Traffic volume is quite steady-Water Pollution is very high.-Education by age is very bad.-Our city has a lot of people between the ages of 1 and 50.Experiments that we conducted which worked:Aly- SAFETY------- library, jail, police station, hospital, fire departments, and fixing potholesNikesh-EDUCATION------- library, colleges, high schools and middle schoolsAnna- TRAFFIC---------- making roads more fluid, repaving roads, filling potholesKatrina-HEALTH--------- hospital, fire departments, and fixing potholes, doctorsMiranda-LAND VALUE--------- library, colleges, malls, plazas, playgrounds,solar powerAngie-ENVIROMENT--------------- waste-energy, solar power, windmills, slums-to-parks, raise taxes for industries


During our multi-week experience through experimenting in our city, we have learned a lot as a whole. Not just about how the government works, but also the individual aspects of it. Without an experince like this it's really hard it judge what it is like to work with the government system. Our team also learned important lifeskills such as working as a team and managing a budget.

Managing a budget is a hard thing to do. When you are experimenting with new things during a video game you typically forget to check the bills and your budget. This is where the fiscal policy comes in. Asa group, we discussed if we wanted to raise taxes. At first we were all apprehensive, but in the end it gave us more money to work with so we decided for it. We will continue to attempt to keep the tax rate at a minimal for our citizen's sake.


Aly chose the topic of safety to write about in this essay. All people ,poor and wealthy, care about their safety. This is why Aly chose this topic. In our city ,Indereast, safety isn't neccessarily doing well..... or terrible. Safety issues range from large, murderious potholes to the typical gangs and slums. We plan to do alot to change these problems.

The first thing we need to do is build... and then build some more. Firstoff, Indereast needs hospitals, jails, police stations, and fire departments. Then suprisingly.... a library. When we were experimenting we discovered that not only building a library increased education, it increased safety! Why, you might ask.... because public libraries provide a refugee from gangs, bullies, and most danger. Our last plan to fix safety problems in Indereast, is to fix our vast numbers of deadly potholes.

I predict that my changes will take affect when given the time. They may not prove helpful for the first few years, but I know that they will eventually make an enourmous change. Like I've always said.... just a pebble in the water can set the sea in motion.


Nikesh chose the topic of education. Education is so important. It is the factor that makes and breaks devolping societies. Why? Simply because a society's education is the key to their future and beyond. Education in Indereast currently horrible. Next to the Environment it is in the worst condition. Really, I am not 100% sure what will affect Indereast's education in a positive way.

I have a few ideas on how to fix our city's education issues. Some basic ones are to bulid a library, college, middle school and high school. These institutions of learning shall be the new found basis of education for Indereast. I also plan to conduct future experiments that hopefully will affect education in a positive way.

I predict that some of these changes will work if not entirely change our sim city's foundation of learning. Okay, so maybe that's the overstatement of the century; however I do believe my plans will work.


Anna chose the topic of Traffic. Traffic seemed like an easy job for me to write about. I thought I could just say the typical add more stoplights and fix the potholes. Boy, was I wrong. Traffic is perhaps one of the LARGEST and HARDEST topics a person can work with. No matter what you do anything you change will affect traffic. Not to mention the fact that traffic was doing well in Indereast until we started making changes.

We plan to fix the endless potholes. Not only with this benefit traffic but many other things as well. I also plan to simplify some roads and make sure they take up less area. This will hopefully make life easier in our city.

I predict that my changes will make Indereast an easier city to travel in and a better place to live. I will also try to discover some other ways to improve the traffic. My biggest concern is making sure my changes don't cause a downturn in the environment.


Katrina chose the topic health. She chose this topic because she wanted a challenge. However, the challenge isn't what you think it is. The challenge is to make Indereast's health better when it is already perfect. Indereast has a good health and whenever we try to make a change it only gets worse.

We believe that adding in natural disaster centers, hospitals, fire departments, and medical schools will increase the health and safety of Indereast. Even though Indererast isn't prone to natural disasters we think it is best for our sim citizens. We also believe that building medical schools will give our city cutting-edge medical care.

I predict that most of my ideas will be accepted by the mayor. Why? Because good health is needed in a good society. I really believe that our changes will make a difference in our city.


Miranda chose the topic land value. Land Value is perhaps the most complex topic of all. Land Value is affected but absoluty EVERYTHING! From the environment to taxes, anything on this planet could possibly affect the land value of Indereast. So, I discovered that in order to fix Indereast's terrible value, I had to fix pratically everything else. I must have my work cut-out for me.

I plan to firstoff begin working with Angie to fix the environment, because nobody wants to live in a polluted trash-like city. Next, I plan to demolish the slums and replace them with playgrounds. My last priority is to build good schools. Schools can be the deciding factor for most families that move.

We think that our plans will work. Not only will they benefit Land Value, but many other topics as well as making Indereast the best it can be. I hope that my plans will succeed soon.


Angie ( I ) chose the topic of environment. As soon as I made my choice I began to regret it. The environment is never an easy thing to fix because once you are at the point of no return you are pretty much screwed. I am very passionate about being eco-friendly and perhaps it's why I ended up sticking with the topic. But back to business, the environment in Indereast is terrible, devasting, and uncontrolable.

During our experimental weeks I never really had a control of what went on. I could not tell the computer to magically make Indereast some eco-friendly Utopia. Every single idea I am about to propose to you I worked hard to find. Almost everything I tried failed. Luckily, I have a strong work ethic and I was able to discover some plans which actually worked. My plans are to create waste-to-energy, wind, and solar plants, build up the Education of Indereast, to raise the taxes on industries, and reconceal landfills into forests.

I think these plans will work well. For the most part they all succeeded during our experimental weeks and most are in my budget.
I hope that I will soon discover more ways to fix the environment in Indereast and in our own world.

I hope you learned something from our presentation because I know we all did. Not only will these concepts apply to our gaming experience, but to our daily lifes. These are never ending ideas that will need to be applied in the future. This experience also taught each and every one of us how to slove real-world problems that are so much larger then ourselves.

lowered expenses, raised taxes. instead of loosing 5k a month, it is now 2k a month. We are now rezoning low residential and commercial into medium residential and commercial. We are also fixing up the roads and planting trees.