Intro~ Team 2C today will be talking about our city from the beginning of the year to the present. Initially when we started playing Sim City our city looked pretty good, but when you took a closer look it really wasn’t doing that well. When we began the game we had to take a look and improve the following areas: environment, land value, traffic, medical care and crime. Most of the others areas such as taxes and education were doing okay. Now at the end of the school year our city continues to have some positive growth and still some areas that need improvement. Some of the areas where our city has improved and grown include: land value, crime, traffic and overall finance. Some of the areas our city still needs to improve upon include: environment. That was one area that has been a problem for us since the beginning of the year.
No city or town is perfect but our team is happy with the changes we have made throughout the year.

Over the time that we've been playing we have tried to fix our environment and land value the most. Our land value was one of the worst things in our city. We got our land value to go up but our environment went down. Our team also did a lot to fix our traffic and safety as well. We did a lot to fix our pollution. Our team changed some things in our planning report as time went on.

right now our city make $2,000 this is after we deal with all the finaces. We almost have 1 million dollars this is very good and the money is going to go up, because our taxes are well used. The sims in our city seen to like how our taxes look, our team thinks this because the taxes are coming, and no one has complained yet. right now we aren't looking to change our taxes because they are doing very well right. But we may change when we need it. We may need to increase the taxes on industrial. Industrial is only making us 5,000 dollars a month, whitch isn't that good when our city mostly runs off if. Also industrial is causing air pollution and making our residential go down because of industrial.
Our residential taxes is our top money maker from taxes. Residential is about 3 times more than industrial. And it is about 14 times more than Commercial industries. If we change our minds we increase industrail and decrease residential, but we probably wont be doing this soon.
Our financial is doing very well. We have about 400,00 dollars and we fixed traffic, safety, and health. We could not seem to fix our environment. We spent most of our money on environment and it never got better. For traffic we bought a subway running through out the whole city. This fixed traffic very much. We also fixed health. We could not find out why our health was doing so bad because we had plenty of hospitals. We found out they barley had any funding and could not afford new things and medicine. To make more money we started to zone. We zoned residential. We zoned this because it made us the more money for taxes and 90% of our city is residential.

Hannah Enviornment;
The environment in our city is very bad. Our water is filthy. The air in our city is so disgusting that our advisors have told us that people shouldn’t even be breathing. We have a lot of air pollution in our city as well. The city needs to have more funding for recycling.

One of our solutions to improving our city is to add ponds in the areas that are polluted.We think we should add ponds because it will grow more plants and bring in more animals. this may not seen important but it is because is will bring a more natural look. And the plants could help with the air pollution, it probably wont do much but anything can help. We’ll need to get more funding to work on getting rid of our garbage. Our garbage is bad because on one gets to it, and it no one gets to it it will get worse. A way for us to get more trucks to it we will have to clear the roads, and we do that by adding monarals. if we add monarals if will get ride of pollution because it doesnt use oil. Our team will also cut down on some of the factories that we don’t need. We are going to do this because we have many factories that we dont us and they are just waisting space and they are probably still polluting because they still have the chemicals from when they were used. To improve our water pollution we’ll build a water treatment plant.

When we added the trees in the city it brought the health of our environment up a little but not as much as we had thought or wanted. We ended up adding a couple of gardens to our city. That small change had a small impact but the health did go up a small amount. Then, we decided to get rid of some of the old buildings. That seemed to have a bigger impact in helping our environment.

Our city's health is really good right now. All of our hospitals have a 5 star rating. We have a steady budget and plenty of workers. We have more than enough doctors and nurses working in our hospitals. The taxes for the hospital are pretty good as well.

There are some problems in our city like we have sims who are worried about not being able to pay their hospital bills. We don't want our sims to worry about that so we may have to raise our taxes so that those who can't afford the bills can. We also need more money for medication that's something that we have to watch out for as well. So we'll need to watch closely on how much money we have for medication/health. We need to keep a good balanced budget for our city and keep our sims in good shape health wise. Another thing that will help improve our city's health and keep it the way it is would be by improving our environment. They evironment's pollution is making our people sick so by improving our environment we'll make our city healthier. To make our health better by improving our environment would be to add trees around the area and reducing the amount of factories around. That's how we can keep our health the same.

We think that our health should stay the same as time goes on. It should stay the same especially if we improve our environment. We think that by increasing our money for medical care and supplies we'll improve our health if at all possible. I think that by getting more money for supplies we'll actually earn more money. We want our city to stay the same health wise.
We didn't do a whole lot to "fix" our health because we didn't really need to. So we did things to improve our health instead of fixing anything. Our health was in perfect shape when we began and stayed perfect throughout the entire time we've played. The only thing that we did to improve our health was to raise the funding for the hospital. All we did was basically kept tabs on the amount of funding that we had and needed from the time we started and the time we ended. We raised and lowered the funding so that we could keep our hospitals in perfect shape.
Education is a very important part of life. It can help kids plan out their life . Education is also a very big part of the sims games. In our sim city education is very good. over all the schools are really good.

Education in our city is very good, but its not great. In the city, in the nice areas the schools are very good.In the more active areas the schools are very bad. When i first saw the more active places school i was so serprized because of how bad it was. Comepared to the other school they stink because the other schools are 5 star school and the bad ones are 1 star schools. In the bad schools there are very little students and teachers there. The money pay is very low so less people want to work there.

Away to solve the problem is to put more funding into the schools. This may be ewspendsive but it will equal out in time. We should also get rid of one school because we already have 5 schools and we dont need this many schools. if we get rid of one school the other schools will make more money witch then help us. To make this plane even better we want to get more people we want about 500-2,000 more people, if there are more people, more people will go to the schools and that will make more money. we will probably fix the education last because it is already doing good.

If we make these changes the education will go up. if the education goes up people will want to move in. people will want to move in because people now a days want there kids to go to the best schools they can. if people move in we will have more money for the city so we then can use it for safety, health. and land. So the education going up just wont effect education if can effect every thing.

Desiree Daniel
Land value
My topic for Sims game is land value. The land value is horrible because of the environment. There is a lot of water, and air pollution. Traffic is also a problem because that means there is a lot of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide starts to kill the land and makes it weaker, thats why there are so many pot holes and people dont like land with pot holes.. Garbage is also a problem because people dont want to look out there windows and see garbage when they wake up. This garbage can also affect the air pollution because when is brakes down it releases a gas, witch isnt health for humans.
The solutions to the problems are getting rid of all the pollution. one way is to add windmils, this will help about people wouldnt us oil they would us energy. To get rid of the garbage we should pay some one to come and take it off the land, or put it far away from everything.
Our group thinks that once we fix all the problems people will want to buy the land. Once we get rid of al the pollution the land value with be very good. Our group is working on fixing all of the pollution.

Racheal~ Traffic
Most of our main issues with traffic are transportation. The transportation only goes halfway around town, because we don’t have any roads leading to that side. Our town’s people need to commute to their jobs and homes. Are solution is monorails or pave the roads.
By building monorails or paving roads, our Sims can commute to anywhere they need to go. We mentioned monorails because they can go through towns and it’s more Earth friendly. The expenses will be high, but as the sims spend money on the monorail the money will even out.
By paving roads more Sims will come to our city. But the effect of the pollution is the problem. More vehicles will enter and transport cargo and people. The exhaust from the vehicles will create high pollution and make another problem. But by paving the roads our team will have fixed other issues on the roads like pot holes.

Chris guttmann

In our city crime has gone up because we only have 2 small police stations with only a few officers. Crime is a reguler day to day system and we cant keep it up with it. We plan on building 4 larger police buildings. So we can cover more ground. Most of you criminals that are caught dont get sent to jail.We just release them back in to the city because we have no place to put them. the small jail is over crowed as it is. Which makes crime rate go up. If we were to cut down funding on somethings we could use the money to create the jails nessary to keep the inmates in jail. If we dont cut funds to help create the jails, and police stations then crime will rise even higher, and more people will leave the city!

Our team has done a good job throughout the year working on improving our city. We tried as a team to split our financial resources in order to fix those areas of our city that continued to need improvement. This second half of the year we spent most of our time and resources fixing the environment and land value. Our efforts were successful because both areas have improved. Our city is not perfect but we as a group have learned to understand what makes a city run smoothly and prosper.

week one:
: The reason for the days is it shows how the city does over time
: we need to know the amount of money we have so we can know what we can buy. What we can spend on things we need and dont need
: There are 102,124 people in our city right now, this is important because if people start to leave it shows us what condition our city is in. If our city is doing well or bad.
:The environment is bad because of the high pollution. Our safety is bad because of all the protestings. Traffic is good because most people walk. Education is amazing because we have nice schools. Land value is bad because we keep polluting things.
By lizz and olivia

Environmental Adivisor- Camille Meadows
she works with the enviroment, she wants us to plant trees and build more parks to put our city back in line with the earth
Transportation Advisor- jamil Herd
bad traffic, rush our becomes a parking lot and every one gets mad,
Health and Education Advisor- Bettina Dean
not enough medical staff, medical staff getting sick, they don't have enough money
Public Safety Advisor- Sam Armstrong
not enough funding, as a result they have people that look suspicious.
Utilities Advisor- Jonas Sparks
We have a problem with cleaniness in the city. Every flower bed is smelling of fishtails. We need to kick up funding
Finance Advisor- Monique Diamond
She says nothing, she doesn't care.
City Planner- Neil Fairbanks
The city planner is prasing us about how big our populaiton is. He is praising us on how popular our city has become. We have had people calling to ask us what our secrets are.

by: Lizz and Olivia

We're going to raise taxes and try to improve all of the pollution in our city. We have a lot of crimes as well in our city.
We're going to plant more trees to clean the air. We're going to raise the taxes because we want more hospital staff and medicine.
Since we have bad traffic we'll need to get more police and better traffic systems. We'll make bigger parking lots. The public safety has advised us to raise taxes also so that we'll have enough funding for safety systems. We also have a problem with cleanliness in our city. Every flower bed smells really bad and we need to kick up the funding. Our finance advisors says nothing to us about our fiances. Our population is great but if we don't do anything to change that we'll lose that as well. We'll need to make a better environmentally friendly community, have better safety, and better medical safety, and better funding.

Week: 4
Pollution and crime are two major reasons. We also have a funding problem in our city.
It's important because it effects the community if you like the mayor you are more likely to stay than if you don't like him.
It's also important because the mayor's opinion matters in the community. The mayor's opinions goes whatever he wants goes. So his rating is important because if he has high ranks then he is doing things to make the community. The mayor's rating is important because the higher ranking he has the more powerful he is. The more powerful he is the more he can do. The more he can do the better the community can become. His ranking shows what shape the community is in it shows that in some parts they're okay but in other's it isn't. His ranking in the city shows he's in a good position in the community that he's doing his job well. It shows that a good amount of the sims are happy with the mayor's decisions.

Week: 5 We are trying to build a butterfly like road, but so far it isnt working because we have to level out the ground. Now we are thinking about building police station. If we build the police stations we will put it in the places where crime is most active. Right now we are getting ride of unneeded buildings. funded police stations. They got ride of a big road. we build buildings.

Week 6:
We are building water treatment plants. Now we are zoning residential buildings. We are planting trees in our city right now. We are also zoning some of the industrial. We raised the taxes on high wealth residential.

week 7: we built roads, safty is going down. building a zoo, getting rid of buildings so we can build the zoo. we are trying to help the land value and the cleaning the environment. We are adding trees. getting rid of old buildings, in our zoo a lot of animals got out. we are trying to fund the zoo. funding the city. increased the taxes, getting rid of more buildings. legalized gambaling. razing taxes again. uped the cost on buses. getting rid of more buildings. putting trees every where. building a building, land value in going up. we build a city jail. traffic is going down, and safety is going down too. land fill is going down. we just go rid of these 3 huge buildings. built roads out side of town.

Week 8-
We built pipes to bring water to some unwatered areas. We also planted some more trees to help enviroment and land value. We fixed roads and connected roads to other cities.