Kolbi A. Harding

Mr. Fullerton

SimCity Project Planning Report22 March 2011

Planning Report – Hammerton

During our time playing SimCity 3 we have encountered many problems. Such as finding out half of our town of Hammerton is polluted. Water and Air pollution is in the NE, AND SE regions in our city. Other problems are that our streets are packed with cars, and our city is going up in flames from all the fires that are occurring in Hammerton. Our city is in dire need of a plane to create peace in our peace in our city. With our knowledge and imagination we have created one. In a nut shell we are to eliminate all faults and replace them with solutions that will make our city of Hammerton both a cleaner and safer place to be.

Out of the many problems my team faced while playing on Sim City 3, one of the major problems was pollution. The amount of pollution in our city of Hammerton is relatively high. We know this, because the game indicates that by shading the part of the town a certain shade of orange. The darker the shade the worse it is. In our town it shows that in the South East there is a high amount of Air Pollution. Which are caused by the factories that reside there. Also the amount of Water Pollution in the North West of Hammerton is also relatively high which also comes from factories that are built there.

My plane to solve the Pollution problem in Hammerton is simple. Those factories are our towns source of power. With out them my team found that Hammerton would lose all power. With a high problem with high risks of loss of the towns source of power is a very hard problem to come up with a solution. Luckily I have come up a solution to both problems. I would like to eliminate all of the factories that are the source of our towns pollution. At the same tim e I would be eliminating Hammerton�s source of power. How will I also solve that problem? I will replace our sources of energy by putting in Solar Panels, a Hydraulic, and a Wind source of energy.

My prediction of these events are various, but I am convinced that the pollution will be resolved. The town would be with out power for some time in the process of the taking down and construction of Hammerton�s new energy source. This might be the cause of an increase of the cities crime rate. Over all I am expecting this plane to have a full effect of cleaning our towns pollution.

In Hamerton the crime rate is generally low, but with an unusual up rise near a school campus on the northeast section of our city. Other than this school though, the crime rate is very low. The fire hazard throughout our city is a big problem. Places of high concern are the southeast parts of our city. This, we believe, is due to factories in those parts of the city,
To solve the problem of crime in the northeast section of Hammerton we plan to establish a new police station to monitor that section of the city. We are confident that this will solve the problem. The problem of the fires in the city will be harder to solve. Since there is a large fire hazard in the whole city we think we should plant six fire station in different places throughout the city in order to cover the whole area of the city.
We predict that the crime rate in the northeast section of the city will fall very fast, because of haw small the area of concern is. The fire problem may take a longer time to be resolved, due to the severity of the problem. We predict though that over time the fire concern will drop. It may never be non-existent, but we are almost sure it will drop severely.


The overview on our Sims project for safety has been going pretty good. It has been in the green but even though its been good for the most part, our city Hammerton still needs a ton of improvement. There is an abundant amount of car accidents. That is the main cause of our city destruction for the traffic of our city. Our group will discus to you our plans to make and improve our traffic.

During our Sims project there has been many problems that we need to solve for the traffic in our city. There are a bunch of pot holes in our city. By reducing the pot hole situation there will be a safer and better community for our city. We would also need more police to protect and insure that there wont be anymore damage for reckless driving. Also another thing that creates traffic destruction is one way streets and over populated cars on our city streets. These are all of the problems that were going to solve in order to make our city better.