Our group raised taxes and cut our cities spending on utilities. Because our cities fire safety was not good, we established more fire stations which stopped the nearby fires. Our cities crime level has decreased as we've added police stations. Also, our fire hazard has went down. We have spent about $10,000 fixing our city. About $1,000 went towards fixing the roads. The rest went towards fire stations and police stations to increase the safety of our city.

5/16/11 - Today when we turned on the Sim City Game we found that our Environment and Safety were very low. We plan to concentrate on those two topics of our city for today. To up our safety of the city we are now adding police stations to protect our sims and try and make the town safer. Each station costs $250 each. Our safety is gradually upgrading from how we started, but our safety id still low. We also found that most of our buildings are empty so we are demalishing empty, jobless buildings and replacing them with buildings that are more helpful to our city. For example to raise our land value we are putting in a beach to attract more sims to our city. To go along with the beach,its either this week or next week we need to place toll booths around our city to recive more money to fix our city. Education is going down, so we are placing schools around our city to up our work capacity and help our education. Education automatically climbed and is now from red to green. We received FIREWORKS. We also put hospitals to help our city health . We had a large response and we also are going to add a beach next week.

5/25/11 - Today we have noticed that in our city our environment has decreased greatly from our last visit. Also, our safety is slowly decreasing due to the lack of roads from police and fire stations. Today we plan to improve our city by adding more roads from safety stations leading into our city, and to add a beach and toll booths around our city to increase tourists and to get more money to improve our city. We have added a beach to our city. Now we plan to add another power plant. We connected the police stations to the actual road so our city's safety will increase. We added a two Natural Gas power plant systems to improve the amount of energy our city is receiving.