Aly Moyer (Team 2b)

Mr. Fullerton

Analysis Report


Analysis Report- Indereast
During our multi-week experience in Sim City, we have learned a lot of new information. Not just about how the government works, but also the individual aspects of it and all of the correaltions of a city's government system. We are also glad to say that our city is doing signifigantly better than before. There were some goals that we weren't able to reach, but for the most part we ended up having fun and doing pretty well along the way. Here is a look at our journey in Indereast.

Fiscal Policy

Managing a budget is a hard thing to do. When you are experimenting with new things during a video game you typically forget to check the bills and your budget. This is where the fiscal policy comes in. As a group, we discussed if we wanted to raise taxes. At first we were all apprehensive, but in the end it gave us more money to work with so we decided for it despite our regressive tax system. Although, we will continue to attempt to keep the tax rate at a minimal for our citizen's sake.

Our fiscal policy is a regressive tax system. This is not as hard to work with as the other tax systems, but it gave us a few problems when we were experimenting. The biggest problem we had was balancing our fiscal policy. Practically the whole time we were spending more money than we were making.

However, this was not that huge of a concern for our city. Indereast is a very wealthy city and we possess over one million sim dollars. Most of our money comes from dirty and manufacturing industries which is a strain on the environment even though it brings our city a higher income.

Once we were approved to begin action, our first goal was to try to balance our fiscal policy. However, this idea sadly did not work as planned. In order to balance our fiscal policy we could either raise taxes, cut budgets, or do both. Although, since we are part of a regressive tax system, we did not really want to do either. So, we decided to do a combination of the two. This seemed to work the best, but our fiscal policy was never able to balance completely.


Angie chose the topic of environment. As soon as she made her choice she began to regret it. The environment is never an easy thing to fix. She is very passionate about being eco-friendly and perhaps it's why she ended up sticking with the topic. But either way the environment in Indereast is terrible, devasting, and uncontrolable.

During our experimental weeks she never really had a control of what went on. She could not tell the computer to magically make Indereast some eco-friendly Utopia. Every single idea she was able to propose to our group seemed like a good one but also impossible. Almost everything she tried failed. Luckily, she has a strong work ethic and was able to discover some plans which actually worked. Her plans are to create waste-to-energy, wind, and solar plants, build up the education of Indereast, to raise the taxes on industries, and reconceal landfills into forests.

She thinks these plans will work well. They are inexpensive and ideal for our cities wants and needs. For the most part they all succeeded during our experimental weeks. She hopes that she will soon discover more ways to fix the environment in Indereast and possibly even in our own world.

As she predicted, the environment in Indereast was extremely hard to work with. Our goal was to be able to lower our cities air pollution by at least 75%. However, we were not able to reach that goal. Although, the environment did become a lot better. She was able to improve of city's sanitation and clean up of trash, she worked out a deal so we could sell our trash to another city, she raised our city's alternative energy research budget, along with our landfill restoration project. We also transformed about one third of our city to an eco-friendly neighborhood which primarilly runs on wind power and makes money from small commerical stores rather than large, polluting industries. Our last accomplishment was building new forests and parks throughout our city.

Land Value

Miranda chose the topic land value. Land value is perhaps the most complex topic of all. Land value is affected but absoluty everything! From the environment to taxes, anything on this planet has the potenial of affecting land value of. So, she discovered that in order to fix Indereast's terrible value, she had to fix pratically everything else that needed fixing.

She plans to firstoff begin working with Angie to fix the environment, because nobody wants to live in a polluted trash-like city. Next, she plans to demolish the slums and replace them with playgrounds, schools, jails, fire and police stations. Her last priority is to build good schools. Since schools can be the deciding factor for families that move into a new area.

We think that her plans are very good and probably will work. They are easy, inexpensive, and should make a big difference. Not only will they benefit land value, but many other topics as well such as the environment and education. She hope that she will soon be beginnig to see te result of her ideas.

We made many changes that influenced land value during our experience with sim city. Most of the changes that influenced land value had to due with those of our fiscal policy. Halfway through our project we had began to raise taxes and as a result a few citizens moved away. However, once we fixed this problem, they all moved back to Indereast. Another change that influenced land value was our zoning changes. During the early stages of our project we transformed about one third of our industrial city to an eco-friendly neighborhood. This brought land value up a lot. We also added in some commercial zoning which had a similar effect on land value. Miranda also made a few small changes herself, all with a positive effect on land value.


Nikesh chose the topic of education. Education is so important. It is the factor that makes and breaks devolping societies. Why? Simply because a society's education is the key to their future and beyond. Education in Indereast currently horrible. Next to the environment it is in the worst condition. Which makes Nikesh wander what can affect Indereast's education in a positive way.

He has a few ideas on how to fix our city's education issues. Some basic ones are to bulid a library, college, middle school and high school. These institutions of learning shall be the new found basis of education for Indereast. He also plans to conduct future experiments that hopefully will affect education in a positive way.

Nikesh is confident that his ideas will benefit Indereast in numerous ways. He predicts that some of these changes will work even though he knows others will not. He can't wait to see how they will work out.

We did make a few adjustments for education throughout our sim city experience.Most of which were related to school and bus funding. We also added in a few elementary, middle, and high schools near the eastern side of town. This side of our city took up about one third of our total land area and was eco-friendly and zoned residental. A collage was also established in Indereast. The outcome of these actions were quite pleasing, because education rocketed up to just about its maximum capability. Nikesh is glad that his plan on education was a success and hopes that future teams who take control of Indereast will be able to do the same if not better.


Anna chose the topic of Traffic. Traffic seemed like an easy job for her to work with. She thought she could just add some more stoplights and fix the potholes. So obviously, Indereast's never-ending traffic issues came to her as a bit of a shock. Traffic is perhaps one of the hardest topics a person can work with. No matter what you do anything you change will affect traffic. Not to mention the fact that traffic was doing considerably well in Indereast until our started making changes elsewhere in the game.

First we plan to fix the endless potholes. Not only with this benefit traffic but many other things as well. Anna planbs to do this by first covering the potholes and then raising the transportation budget. She also plans to simplify some roads and make sure they take up less area. This will hopefully make life easier for sims in our city.

She predicts that her changes will make Indereast an easier city to travel in and a better place to live. She will also try to discover some other ways to improve the traffic throughout our project. However our biggest concern is making sure her changes don't cause a downturn in the environment.

Traffic in our city was very hard to work with because she had to improve it while also making sure that her actions didn’t affect the environment. One of the ideas she had to improve traffic was to fix the potholes. The ways she decided to fix potholes were by repaving and increase the transportation budget. When she tried fixing the potholes, they kept reappearing. This problem was one of the hardest problems to work with. One of the other ideas she had was to take out some of the roads in our city. She thought this problem would help the environment because taking out some of the roads would get more of the Sims to walk. During the rest of the time she had with working with traffic it was very steady. At some points it with good and other points it was bad. Her last accomplishment was destroying the un-used railroad system and replacing it with roads.


Katrina chose the topic health. She chose this topic because she wanted a challenge. However, the challenge isn't what you think it is. The challenge is to make Indereast's health better when it is already perfect. Indereast has a good health system and whenever we try to make a change elsewhere it only gets worse.

We believe that adding in natural disaster centers, hospitals, fire departments, and medical schools will increase the health and safety of Indereast. Even though Indererast isn't prone to natural disasters we think it is best for our sim citizens. We also believe that building medical schools will give our city cutting-edge medical care.

Katrina predicts that most of her ideas will be accepted by the mayor. Why? Because good health is needed in a good society. She really believes that her changes will make a difference in our city. We can't wait to see the results!

As we predicted, it was hard to keep health at its good position. When we began to make changes elsewhere, health went down. To resolve this problem Katrina decided to raise a few budgets regarding health issues. This successfully fixed health but had an unintended consequence of unbalancing our fiscal policy. Unfortunatly, after that we were not able to rebalance our fiscal policy, although health was put into its best possible position.


Aly chose the topic of safety to write about in this essay. All people, poor and wealthy, care about their safety. This is why Aly chose this topic. In our city, Indereast, safety isn't neccessarily doing great or terrible. Some safety issues in our city range from large, murderious potholes to the typical gangs and slums. We plan to do alot to change these problems.

The first thing we need to do is build and then build some more. Firstoff, Indereast needs more hospitals, jails, police stations and fire departments. Then suprisingly a library. When we were experimenting we discovered that not only building a library increased education, but also increased safety! Why? Because public libraries provide a refugee from gangs, bullies, and some other dangers. Our last plan to fix safety problems in Indereast is to fix our vast numbers of deadly potholes.

Aly predicts that her changes will take affect when given the time. They may not prove helpful for the first few years, but she knows that they will eventually make an enourmous change. Hopefully, the changes will be big and begin as soon as possible.

We improved a lot with over the course of this project in safety. We provided numerous schools and playgrounds for our sims to let them feel safe and secure. We also added hospitals and invested a tad more into medical research. This ensured that our sims could easily get good healthcare. By the end of our game, safety was doing about 50% better than before; which was certainly a great accomplishment. New police stations also helped with our safety. Aly put them by many schools and residental areas as well as commercial and industrial areas. Aly and the rest of our group was quite proud of her accomplishments.

As you can see, we were not all as successful as we hoped for. But even so, we made many new changes to our city that will make Indereast a better place to live for all sims, which was our group's ultimate goal. We certainly enjoyed this project, for it was an educational experience unlike no other. Thank you Mr. Fullerton for giving us the oppurntunity to learn in new and creative ways like in this project.