Team 3A

Mr. Fullerton

SimCity Analysis Report

15 June 2011

Analysis Report – Nicolette
In The game Sim city, you take control of a simulated city, and try to make it as prosperous and efficient as possible. Our group 3A was assigned the city Nicolette, to renovate the city and improve the performance of it. Our goal is to increase the desirability of our area, and attract more residents to the city.

Fiscal Policy

To understand how all our plans will fit together first we need to define our fiscal policy, by definition, fiscal policy is using taxes and expenditures to influence the economy. Our ultimate goal will be to get revenue above costs. First we calculated our approximate earnings. Currently we have $888,124, which for the tie being, is quite a lot of money. Our current expenses are $5760 monthly, almost all of which is for water pipe maintenance, the rest coming from city ordinances and public structure maintenance. We also have a little trash in the northeast part of our area. The problem is though, that the taxes are currently set to 0% on all accounts. Most of the revenue that could be earned from our city is medium wealth commercial services. We have other commercial services mixed in, though many buildings are lacking water to due to a faulty water pump. We also have a little bit of other commercial services, and some medium wealth residential, approximately 370 people, which is not a lot. A lot of slums are mixed in with the medium wealth buildings which we plan on knocking down. We plan on using our resources to balance our budget.

Our first move in fixing the fiscal policy will be to cut a lot on water, as well as sever certain pipes. This will be explained later on. Doing this will cut our budget in approximately half, to around 2000. We also bring our If we build all the buildings as currently planned we will have monthly costs of around 5500. The new buildings we are building are an Elementary School, a High School, a University, and one large health clinic. Each industry will cost approximately $700 monthly. This may seem like a lot but the goal of our team is to attract commercial services and residents at this point. To counteract the increased spending we will raise the taxes to bring in more revenue. Since our Mayor would like a proportional tax system, we have to tax high wealth and low wealth at the same rate. This is not much of a problem, since most things in the city are medium wealth anyway. We will set the tax for residential at 4% so we can attract much more residents, and make use of all the education centers and health services we are building. To make our main flow of money, we will tax the commercial services at 7.5%, It may drive away a couple commercial services, but our main goal is to attract residents so we can lower the commercial taxes later on. This can bring in up to $5000. We will also keep the dirty industry taxes high, to keep our area less dirty If we must, we can lower the taxes so our costs exceed our revenue, and then ride on the $700000 dollars we have in reserve, until we attract more Sims to our area. We also will set about 50000 dollars to improving desirability, like parks and plazas, hopefully improving desirability for resident sims.

After putting into effect our new budget, we hope to attract a lot of residential Sims since we are investing a lot in Sim attracting things, such as expensive universities and great safety. We hope the residents that we bring in will be enough to rebalance the budget, and get our city flowing more smoothly again. After that, we can lower the taxes on commercial businesses and services, attracting more of those. However, we will keep the taxes high on the dirty industry section, since we do not want any pollution in our area. Since our area was never very desirable to industry in the first place, It will likely discourage them from coming, and produce a healthier happier city.
Our plan to fix our fiscal policy was a huge success. We slowly raised the taxes to the desired amount, and the residents of our city had very little complaint. In fact there was no complaint at all about the tax rates, even when we experimented and drove the taxes to 11%. We found that the perfect balanced budget was with commercial taxes at 6% and residential at 4% which put our revenue at exactly our budget. We lost some money building many of our improvements in our city. We built a casino to counter all the different expenses, and on average our expenses/revenue averaged at around $12000. We also had about $750000 left in reserve, though it sometimes changed. Overall our fiscal policy was a success


The environment has polluted air and water. This pollution is causing the decrease in Sims. Sims would move away because pollution is bad for any human (Sims) contact. Whether it's skin contact or breathing it in, it is still harmful to Sims and any living thing. There are no animals because of this pollution problem. If there were animals there would be at high risk of many extinctions and endangerment.
If we cut back on factories,and produce more energy efficient cars and other vehicles, the air pollution should reduce. If there were a bigger budget there would be more money to create these new products. Sims can also carpool. They could do this to different sporting events, and more. Also, if we put signs around telling people not to litter and to clean up after yourself, there should be less water and land pollution. If Sims litter they should have a punishment such as to pay a fine.

Once we complete the task of trying to solve the problems there should be changes in the environment and the cost of land value. More Sims would want to live there and more animals can live in a none-polluted area. The land value may go up due to a healthy environment and the grass, trees and other plant life that grows on land will be there. The health of our city could get better because no pollution and healthy air to breathe and clean water to use. This would be more useful in every day life. This will most likely result in more money and a larger population.

For our SimCity one of the topics was environment, it was pretty hard to make the environment better in Nicolette. In the beginning of the game Nicolettes' environment was pretty bad, they had mostly air and water pollution. It was a struggle to find ways to make the pollution to go down and stay down. We put in subway trains and buses, for Sims to use the subways and buses instead of cars to everywhere they went. We tried raising prices on gas to see if less Sims would drive, or carpool to places. That plan didn't work out so well, the Sims just left the city, so we drop the prices and they came back. Every so often the environment got better, then worse, it never really stayed the same. I added trees the area to see if that would make any differences in the air, and hopefully make the air pollution go down some. Most of what i did to make the area better didn't work so well, but I think that if we could have found a way to make cars and factories more efficient the air pollution would have been so bad. Overall the environment wasn't so great, it was getting worse most of the time because of the amount of air pollution and water pollution

Land Value

Land value was bad, and in the red zone. There are too many slums and burned rubbish. This is what decreases population and taxes, so land value is one of our top priorities. We have created a plan to solve this problem. There are various steps that we most do to allow our plan to work.

First, we plan to plow down and demolish these land value decreasing properties. We will do this by using a bulldozer. This will eliminate will illuminate most, if not all land values. After this process the Sims can build homes and other buildings, which will help increase land value. This will bring in more Sims and increase taxes.

These taxes can help the other struggling categories including. It will help some more than others. This will especially help environment because the slums create more unnecessary pollution. It can do this with out depleting our money supply because it should only cost a maximum of $20000 for the whole time we play. Obviously our plan for land value is a main concern and will help our game altogether.
Over the past few months, land value has gotten ten times better. It use to be at the very bottom of the red bar, but is now at the top of the green bar. We have added a power plant near the industries. It has almost stopped the garbage. Although we cannot reduce the garbage that is there, we can stop it from growing. We also extended the residential area a few times, which made land value go up. So, as of now land value is good and getting better.


Right now Education has no green and is just a big bar of red. This is due impart by the facts that Nicolette has no schools, the Sims are uneducated, and lastly they cant go any where to learn? We as a group plan to work on each of these and to make education one of our priorities.

First we plan to build some schools. First we need an elementary school, which will cost $300, but the monthly cost will be $400. Also this school will only be able to hold 500 students. We also have to buy a High school this will cost $1050. The monthly cost for the High School will be $750 and will hold 750 students. The last school will buy is a College. It will cost $3000 and the monthly cost will be $1000. This school will be able to hold 7000 students. Lastly our group plans to build a library. We will build these because they will help kids learn a lot more. It will also bring the mayor rating and bring people into the city. Then the Library will cost $1000 and the monthly cost is $250. Also the books available to the people will be 30000. If education proves to costly, we can cut funding to the library and university without suffering too much. Another thing we can do to improve education is to put into effect the city ordinance, pro-reading campaign.

Education will be important in attracting Sims, and raising our city's E.Q. The more education we have, the more attractive our area becomes. Then we can attract more and smarter Sims to our area, hopefully making a more prosperous and well educated city.

Through out the game after we made the changes our education has not gone down. It has stayed the same. It been like this because we put in schools. We started off with a few small schools. But as the population grew we needed to add more. So, instead of adding more small schools, we decided to add larger schools. We did this because it would help us save money. It us save money because, when the population grew we had the right amount of space in the schools. So, after we fixed the problem of education it never went down.


Traffic in Nicolette is very good and very green. This is due to the fact that almost no one lives there and it is a town much like New York where few people live there and many commute there from other cities like those in New Jersey. Traffic has been heavy for most of the time the town has been around. Due to this traffic a priority for the city and mayor.
Another factor is that Nicolette has nearly a million dollars in budget. A more than generous amount is devoted to traffic alone. The town has little maintenance and a smart layout for roadways already in action that makes driving, for the Sims, simple. This makes keeping the great traffic simple and orderly.We plan to maintain traffic because we recognize that organized traffic is a priority for keeping currents Sims and getting in new ones. It also helps to improve the mayor rating since it makes the Sims happier. More Sims and happier Sims mean more money and more money makes that game easier. It also gives us more money for the other categories, which are seriously lacking in what our city needs currently.
When our group first got our Sim City town it was a disaster except for traffic which was superb. We had no problems with it until we fixed our other problems which lead more people to our city. Quickly the Sim's started to abuse and over use certain roads and lanes. There were a few traffic jams, some major, others not. This lead our superb traffic down to just being good. The bar was still green over half way through, but that wasn't good enough.

Since there are few ways to tackle trafficking problems we tried them all. First we pushed our road budget up a bit higher so the roads would be maintained for longer periods of time with less pot holes and things. Then we decided to fix the problem roads by making them into bigger lanes, roads, or highways. After that we put second roads next to the ones that gave us the most trouble so Sim's could use either path to get to their destination.These aren't permanent fixes, but our team doesn't see a permanent fix for this. So, we just keep making adjustments as things go along. Each time we fix an existing road or put in a new on it averages out to being only a few hundred dollars, so it isn't drastic and they usually uphold for long periods of time which makes it worthwhile.

After these changes were made fewer traffic jams were reported. The trafficking bar went up higher in the green scale. Though it is still not as green as we would like, its green enough for the time being. We think the changes will make a big difference in the SimCity community.


In SIM City, another topic is health. What this does is helps the people who live in our SIM City. Health, like with anybody else, will keep our SIMS happy and healthy. SIM City is a video game where you have your own city and you must tend to the needs of the people who live in the city, these people are called SIMS. Health is what will keep you SIMS alive, if you do not tend to their health needs you will see your population drastically fall. Now I have estimated the amount of hospitals our city will need. We only have a tiny residential place, but in the city I have seen people fighting. Another problem is the water, which many commercial buildings are lacking

I think that our city will need one large hospital. This health clinic will be located between the commercial district and the residential home. Each clinic costs $1,100. For that we will have to pay $1,200 every month. This month because we have to buy the hospital, we will have to spend 2,300 dollars. Now when we are able to by these, also keep in mind I disease research center would also be nice for our city. Now I know 1,200 dollars a month is a lot, but our health is down a lot and we do not have that big of a population. If people keep going without health the money we bring in each month will go down. The thing we will do to combat many of these extra costs is to cut the water pipes. This is because many of the water pipes connect to the slums we plan on knocking down. To fix the water problem, what we actually need to do is replace the pump which is currently not functioning properly. That will not incur any extra monthly costs, since we were already paying for the broken water pumps.

After we have purchased the Hospital we should see a growth in our population. The hospitals will bring new births, and help our city’s life span. It will also raise the birth rate and lower the death rate. When I want to health the mayor stated “ The town has major health needs and that the town needs health clinics desperately.” So in conclusion our city needs one large health clinic for 1,100 dollars and 1,200 dollars a month. Now why don’t we look ahead, by the time the school year ends in 3 months we will have spent 3,600 dollars. I do not consider that a lot, especially because our town needs so much help.
There was also the category of health. It was very bad in the beginning, but then we added two small hospitals. Then all of a sudden our population shot up and the hospitals got over crowded and we needed a larger hospital so that we would have room for everything and everyone. Then another problem that came up, was that the doctors and the nurses wanted to be paid more. We raised their pay and they were back on track with everything they needed to do. I think that everything was going good with health and it all still is. My topic use to be low and really bad. Health is only good when crime and safety are taken care of. When other players slack then my topic can go down. That is why it is so important to work together. After the hospitals were bought and the pay was raised everything was fine and it has stayed like that ever since. Therefore, as of right now health is going up.


The current problem with safety is that the general safety of the town is terrible. There are no police stations, no hospitals, and no fire departments. The criminals are running around in the street throwing pies and stealing cars. There are no hospitals and this is causing our population to die at a younger age. Another major issue is that we have a high fire risk but no police stations. Due to this we do not have many people living in the city. To bring people in we need a good hospital system, fire department, and police force.

The simple solution to the problem would be to create many fire stations, hospitals, and police stations. But since we need to keep some sort of budget, we plan on spending about §30,000 on safety. We plan on spending approx. §10,000 on police, and §10,000 on fire departments. The other §10,000 will be left for any other problems that arise. We also plan on knocking down all the slums in our town if they can not be revived. This is a last resort but it is something that must be done. We also plan on creating city ordinances that will help with the fire, crime, and hospital problems.

We predict that after we increase the police force and knock down slums to see a sharp decrease in crime. The fire hazards will be cured because we will be knocking down fire hazards (slums) and increasing our fire department force. We also will hope that our city ordinances will help cure problems, by allowing Sims to use their own initiative to stop safety hazards. Overall, we feel crime will have a huge impact in encouraging Sims to live in the city, since no one likes crime.

After working on crime for half the year, we found out a lot about our safety problems. First, the crime was low until we started expanding the city. Once we expanded, the city had a huge boom in crime. We had drugs, pie throwing, and even armed robbery. This problem was somewhat easily solved by adding police kiosks and supporting these kiosks with medium police stations. Next, we looked at fire hazard. As our city grew, so did our fire hazards. We now have 50 story sky scrapers to tend to and more buildings. We mainly put small fire stations in the worst areas. We put less than 7 fire stations and covered the whole city. At the current time, our safety is 95% - 100% green.

Overall, we felt that everyone did a good job trying to achieve out goal. Though, the hardest part was paying the fees for everything we fixed, and trying to take in more money than we were spending. Our plan was to try and attract as many residential and commercial services as possible. With our high amount of money, we invested in many long term structures that made our city more desirable and attracted lots of Sims.