1) The date is important because it tells us how advanced our city is
2) budget and the expenses are important because we need them to [[3A#|manage]] our money which we will use to improve the city
3) The total population is important because taxes from the population are our main source of revenue
4) in information
5) Fiscal policy- The use of government expenditure and revenue collection (taxation) to influence the economy
Fiscal budget- Financial budget
Taxes- to impose a financial charge or other levy upon a taxpayer
Balanced budget-there is neither a budget deficit or a budget surplus
Budget surplus- is the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required amount
Budget deficit- is the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required amount
zoning- is a device of land use planning used by local governments in most developed countries
polls- voting
baseline data- is basic information gathered before a program begin

Nicolette: 371, $888,124, 12/8/122
budget 100
expenses 5760
All bad except traffic.

North forks: 3043, $192,848, 7/31/06
budget 1322
expenses 947
All bad except traffic.

Hanna- Education: education is very bad in both cities. We do not have schools in either of the cities. The people are educated currently. But there aren't any schools at all.
Annie- Traffic: Traffic in both cities is green and good. Except North Forks has slightly worse traffic. This is good because of the high commuting rate from one city to the other.
Nick- Safety: Safety is very poor with no police departments. Crime is still low and yellow in few areas. Both cities have low crime, but it could erupt at any time.
North Forks; high taxes 15% for all, taxes are too high, demand is -6000 for all. we plan to lower all taxes especially citizen taxes. We plan to zone the north part of the North Folks area as a commercial area and industrial zone. The southern
Gabby-Environment: [[3A#|Air pollution]] is really poor near the factories in in high traffic areas it there is also pollution In both cities. Other than that Air pollution is at a minimum. Water pollution is bad coming from the factory. They seem to be dumping things into the water. This shouldn't effect out cities though. This cost around 6000 dollars in expensise, to fix the water and air pollution that is being created by the factories and waste dumps. I plan to find a way to get rid of the waste and dispose of it. With the factories we can maybe get rid of them and find a different way to make electicity. The Sims can car pool or walk to places, which that would help decrease the pollution in the air.
Shannon- Land Value: No one wants to really live In North Forks except in select areas. That means we need to develop in other areas in the town. In Nicolette The land value is even worse. No one wants to live there and the water has no value. It is terribly polluted most likely from another city.
Robyn- Health: Heath is fine in Nicolette. North Forks has poor heath. Every thing is in the red there.

March 1
comments on North Folks
Neil Fairbanks- City Planner -The City Planner will give you tips on building your city, as weel as guidance on becoming the most popular Mayor. (Too many roads)
Monique Diamond- Finance Advisor- Your Finance Advisor will keep you up to date on spending versus income, with on eye to keeping your city will funded.
Jonas Sparks- Utilities Advisor- Your Utilities Advisor will give you information on your water, power and sanitation systems.(Good electricity)
Sam Armstrong- Public Safety Advisor- Your Public Safety Afvisor keeps you informed of issues regarding crime, police coverage and fire coverage. (Citizens are happy and calm)
Bettina Dean- Health and Education Advisor- Your Health and Education Advisor will keep you updates on issues concerning the health and educational demands of your citizens.
Jamil Herd- Transportation Advisor- Your transportation Advisor will give you information on your transit system.
Camille Meadows- Environmental Advisor- Your environmental Advisor will keep you posted on important information regarding pollutants.(More trees)

City Planner- Commerical business want more plazas
Utilities Advisor- Enough lights
Public Safety- Citizens are happy
Transportation Advisor- Lots of money for roads
Things That Effect Mayor's Rating
What people think of the Mayor
The city planner
How many trees and grasses
How congested the roads are
How the education is
How polluted the city is
If they are getting water and electricity

How The Mayor's Ratings Effects the Economy
Higher mayor rating attracts more people
The more people there are the less we have to tax
The less we have to tax the more people want to come to the city
The more economic diversity the stronger our economy will be

Week 5 Objective
  • There is no crime and arrests.
*Commute Time- 40 minutes for the pass year has not changed.
  • There is 7000 and current use is nearly 3000 in power.
*There is no water
  • Air pollution is 90.
  • Water Pollution is 120.
  • Total garbage is nearly 8000 and our capacity is over 16000.
*There is 0 Education.
  • Education by age is 0.
*There is more older people than younger in population by age.
*The life expectancy is 50 years.
*The average income is nearly 25.
  • The city income is 0% and the expense is nearly 6000.
  • Funds have gone down.
  • The low medium and high wealth residential is high desirability. Low wealth commercial services, highly desirable. The rest commercial services not desirable. Ag, I-d, I-m are desirable. I-HT is not desirable.
  • The mayor rating has been nearly 20.
  • Cars are the highest and freight trucks are the second highest

Planning Report

Health-In SIM City, one of the foremost topics is health. What this does is helps the people who live in our SIM City. Health, like with anybody else, will keep our SIMS happy and healthy. SIM City is a video game where you have your own city and you must tend to the needs of the people who live in the city, these people are called SIMS. Health is what will keep you SIMS alive, if you do not tend to their health needs you will see your population drastically fall. Now we have estimated the amount of hospitals our city will need. We only have a tiny residential area, but the health is still relatively large

I think that our city will need one large hospital. This health clinic will be located between the city and the residential home. Each clinic costs $1,100. For that we will have to pay $1,200 every month. This month because we have to buy the hospital, we will have to spend 2,300 dollars. Now when we are able to by these, also keep in mind I disease research center would also be nice for our city. Now I know 1,200 dollars a month is a lot, but our health is down a lot and we do not have that big of a population. If people keep going without health the money we bring in each month will go down.
After we have purchased the Hospital we should see a growth in our population. The hospitals will bring new births, and help our city’s life span. It will also raise the birth rate and lower the death rate. When we want to health the mayor stated “ The town has major health needs and that the town needs health clinics desperately.” So in conclusion our city needs one large health clinic for 1,100 dollars and 1,200 dollars a month. Now why don’t we look ahead, by the time the school year ends in 3 months we will have spent 3,600 dollars. I do not consider that a lot, especially because our town needs so much help.

Traffic- When our group first got our Sim City town it was a disaster except for traffic which was superb. We had no problems with it until we fixed our other problems which lead more people to our city. Quickly the Sim's started to abuse and over use certain roads and lanes. There were a few traffic jams, some major, others not. This lead our superb traffic down to just being good. The bar was still green over half way through, but that wasn't good enough.
Since there are few ways to tackle trafficking problems we tried them all. First we pushed our road budget up a bit higher so the roads would be maintained for longer periods of time with less pot holes and things. Then we decided to fix the problem roads by making them into bigger lanes, roads, or highways. After that we put second roads next to the ones that gave us the most trouble so Sim's could use either path to get to their destination.These aren't permanent fixes, but our team doesn't see a permanent fix for this. So, we just keep making adjustments as things go along. Each time we fix an existing road or put in a new on it averages out to being only a few hundred dollars, so it isn't drastic and they usually uphold for long periods of time which makes it worthwhile.
After these changes were made fewer traffic jams were reported. The trafficking bar went up higher in the green scale. Though it is still not as green as we would like, its green enough for the time being. We think the changes will make a big difference in the Sim City community.

Environment- For our Sim City I did environment, it was pretty hard to make the environment better in Nicolette. In the begining of the game Nicolettes' environment was pretty bad, they had mostly air and water pollution. It was a struggle to find ways to make the pollution to go down and stay down. We put in subway trains and buses, for Sims to use the subways and buses instead of cars to everywhere they went. We tried raising prices on gas to see if less Sims would drive, or carpool to places. That plan didn't work out so well, the Sims just left the city, so we drop the prices and they came back. Every so often the environment got better, then worse, it never really stayed the same. I added trees the area to see if that would make any differences in the air, and hopefully make the air pollution go down some. Most of what i did to make the area better didn't work so well, but I think that if we could have found a way to make cars and factories more efficient the air pollution would have been so bad. Overall the environment wasn't so great, it was getting worse most of the time because of the amount of air pollution and water pollution.

Something else!!!!
Traffic-traffic in Nicollette is very good and very green. This is due to the fact that almost no one lives there and it is a town much like New York where few people live there and many commute there from other cities like those in New Jersey. Traffic has been heavy for most of the time the town has been around. Due to this traffic a priority for the city and mayor.
Another factor is that Nicollette has nearly a million dollars in budget. A more than generous amount is devoted to traffic alone. The town has little maintenance and a smart layout for roadways already in action that makes driving, for the Sims, simple. This makes keeping the great traffic simple and orderly.
We plan to maintain traffic because we recognize that organized traffic is a priority for keeping currents Sims and getting in new ones. It also helps to improve the mayor rating since it makes the Sims happier. More Sims and happier Sims mean more money and more money makes that game easier. It also gives us more money for the other categories, which are seriously lacking in what our city needs currently

Week Six
Today we plan just to work on Nicolette today.

First thing we did today was destroy the old water house And built three new ones. We also destroyed three bad pipes. Then we built a few new small water pipes to replace the old ones. After that we destroyed all of the slums which took most of the period. Afterwards we hit play and watch the new buildings sprout and the population soar. We went from 371 people to 2,294 people the majority being young adults and children. After that we realized we would need to put in a new school to allow people to actually learn and get jobs so first we put in an elementary school, and high school. After that we put in a water treatment plant. After that we saved just for safe measures and did some things we weren't sure about. After that we gain a couple hundred more residents. After that we lowered our taxes by .1% and fixed some roads for traffic and watched it grow. Next week we hope to improve environment back to at least half green, and traffic to all green. Then to start working on maintaining health and education and raising the other two.

Week Seven

More work on Nicolette.

Today we fixed road problems, we had a lot of congestion problems in the commercial district. We removed the worst areas as well as increasing traffic areas. The area between the residential and commercial areas were the worst for traffic. We also planted trees in the industrial district to decrease air pollution. In addition to the industrial district, we planted oak trees in the commercial district. Also to help decrease air pollution we added some plazas and parks to promote recreation and decrease air pollution. We also increased industrial taxes by 1% to increase our income. Traffic is doing much better than at the start of the period, we now have mostly green and some yellow. We then realized that we needed to rase taxes to support the new road structure. We raised Commercial taxes by 0.2% to support the road structure. Today was a productive day with expanding the lacking road structure and adding trees and plazas to the commercial and residential districts.

Week Eight

Today we plan to work on Nicolette's safety.

We added a small police station. When we played it on cheetah speed, the crime went down and the population went up by a couple thousand. The amount of money we take in did not change very much. Though after awhile, we were losing about 200 dollars a month. When we found out, we decided to raise taxes on high wealth commercial to 5.8%. After that, we noticed that in a commercial area of our town, there was a big traffic jam. So we decided to make a main road into an avenue. After some time, the mayor rating started going down, as well as the amount of money we were receiving, 100 dollars. Though on the brighter side, traffic started going up. After we took care of traffic, our attention was directed at health. When zooming in to a few health care facilities, we saw that the health care workers were on strike. The reason wasn't because they weren't funded enough, it was because the number of patients was over capacity. We decided to build a large hospital. We also built another private school at no cost. Then we decided to take another look at how much money we were actually making. It turns out we were loosing 1,326 dollars. So once again we raised taxes.

Week Nine

Today we plan to work on Nicolette's land value and environment.

Land value is going up. Last time, we built a casino and there are a lot of people going there. We added a church, and now they want a grave yard. The mayor's rating went up, and the population went up 300 people. The land value has also gone up. We are adding trees to increase oxygen. We added oak and noble furs. Safety and education are going down, but land value and health went up a little bit. In crime, we now have assault, drugs, solicitation, car theft, pie throwing, flashing, fighting, and graffiti. We just built two small fire stations. Also, we added three more small police station. (two of which are kiosks) The population went up two thousand. Once again safety, and traffic are going down slowly. Health and education are staying the the same, and land value is starting to decline. We played it once again and we have gained another six thousand people. Prisoners grant early parole! We have now lost four thousand people, and then gained another six thousand people. Safety seems to be going down and environment is going down. We are increasing the zone in industrial. We have gained another thousand, and traffic, environment, safety, and land value are all going down at different paces. We also, raised taxes. Traffic and land value are starting to go up, but we declined two thousande people. Now we have added water pipes. We played it again, and we lost two thousand people and traffic is decreasing majorly.