Ashley Z.

Mr. Fullerton

SimCity Project Planning Report

June 6, 2011

Analysis Report – Norte Delano

Our team was able to realize the struggles that the U.S. government is facing right now, and after experiencing it in the Sim world we're glad we aren't in the real world. After weeks and weeks of editing and trying to save our city we only came out a bit successful. This is all thanks to unaccounted for problems. We didn't realize that once we thought we had a solid planning report we found out that there were a few consequences in doing so. Although we tried to save our town we found out that it was a lot harder than most of us expected and we could only make a few changes. It was hard to make a lot of our big ideas because we had very limited amount of money. But, all in all the town of Norte Delano is a bit better than before team 3B came and took over!

Fiscal Policy(Ashley)
Here in the city of Norte Delano our mayor has proposed the idea of running a progressive tax system as our form of taxes. After researching this we discovered it was a wonderful idea. A progressive tax system means that over time taxes will rise. This is a really smart idea because instead of shooting taxes through the roof one month, and diminishing them the next month, this system enables you to slowly increase taxes. Our city is thankful to not have too many problems with our budget, but we do have some fixes that we need to solve. One problem here in Norte Delano is that the Police Department is struggling with keeping criminals locked up in jail. This is due to the lack of funds the budget has allotted them. The health department is also demanding a budget increase as well. Luckily they are not so demanding as the police department, but they also want a fair share of the money here in our city. Therefore we have decided to increase their budget by 15%. This gives us room to still maneuver our money in other locations as well. Last but not least are our taxes. Since we are running a progressive tax system we have to increase the taxes so that they balance out the amount of money we are giving out. Since currently we are earning more than we are spending there is not much of a problem. But, we also just stated we were giving more money to the health and police departments. To balance out this budget we need to increase our taxes on the wealthy, and high tech industry. Doing so we will gain more money, and also be able to give more money to the departments that need it.

In order to fix the problem with the police department we have decided to increase their budget by 15- 20%. Doing so will allow us enough money to give to other departments but it also should satisfy the needs of the police department. This money would of course be spent wisely by the Police and will hopefully lower our crime rate. If we increase the health departments’ budget by 15% it will eliminate their complaints, and also strengthen our town. Since this will be an easy fix we don’t plan on hearing much from the health department after this fix.

If we increase the police departments’ budget by about 18% it will really help the crime rate here in Norte Delano. It will also help those in prison remain in prison. After increasing the health departments’ money we will expect to hear nothing from that end of the spectrum. This will solve their problem with a possible flu outbreak, and if they have any other problems they will have to make sure they spend their budget wisely.

In a progressive tax system we need to slowly increase our taxes over time, although this wasn’t what our team would have liked it really benefited us in the long run. Balancing our budget was pretty hard considering we had 186,000 to start with. This meant that every purchase would greatly affect anything we did. Another problem was that we had no industrial industries and no high commercial industries. It would have been better if we had that because then we could tax more people. With that said we increased taxes approximately every year by .1%. This meant if we started at 10% taxes on the residential area after 10 years their taxes would go to 11%. Sometimes it wasn’t so easy because some citizens were outraged with the higher taxes, but that’s expected in any type of government. As far as budgeting and expenses that’s when we really had to be careful. Again with the limited amount of money we had we couldn’t just dole out thousands and thousands of money. But, what was hard was that health and education weren’t happy with their amount. Truth be told is that we gave them 6,704 and also we added about 2 more large hospitals and 4 more schools. We needed so many of these because one of our goals was to double our population, which in fact we did. In the end our fiscal policy was pretty well balanced, we ended bringing in 9,692 and doling out 10,146. Although it wasn’t perfect it wasn’t a complete fail.


In our Sim city one major issue is the environment. There are four parts to a healthy environment. They are air pollution, water pollution, garbage, and radiation pollution. The issue with air pollution in our city is rather large. This is caused by the daily commutes and the oil power plant. Water pollution is another small issue in our city. This is due to the all the pollution in the air as well. The garbage, which is another issue, is causing the water to become polluted. Garbage is another issue throughout our city. There are several buildings that produce more garbage and are causing it to slowly pile up. Finally there is the issue with radiation pollution. Thankfully there is no issue with radiation pollution. Although these seem like minor problems they are actually very important and need easy fixes.

In our city there are three areas of pollution that need to be fixed. The first is air pollution; one simple way to reduce our pollution is to build a cleaner power plant. We can build a solar plant that costs $30,000 initially and costs $1,000 per month to sustain. Another simple solution that we have tested and retrieved positive results from is planting trees at a small cost of $100 per tree. As far as water pollution goes we can build a water purification system. We tested this theory out and at only $1,400 at only $350 per month it was a huge success. The best solution for our garbage issue is to build a waste-energy-plant, which will reduce our garbage and allow us to receive garbage from other towns for money. Best of all the plant only cost $25,000 and just $10,000 per month. These are a few simple solutions to our complex problems.

If we do all of this we should still have enough money to support other problem areas in our city and the environment. While our city is not a wasteland yet, we can still take it off that course and improve the daily life for our Sims. I believe we will cut down on air, water, and garbage pollution if we simply follow these steps. It is very imperative that we control these problems before they get to out of hand. We can change the environment today and create a brighter future for tomorrow.

When the second semester began we started testing our city plan. Over the past semester we have destroyed the slums, tried replacing the power plant with a solar plant, we have also planted trees, built a waste to energy plant, and built a water purification plant. The first thing we did in the area of environment was destroy the slums. The slums where causing environmental issues because of there pollution caused from there trash and remaining pipes. There was a large group of slums that where showing major air pollution. After we destroyed it, the pollution remained. The next thing we did was attempt to replace the power plant with a clean solar plant. We tried doing this however we couldn’t provide the accurate power needed another plan failed. One of our more successful resolutions was planting trees. we planted trees and helped to make our cities pollution go down just a bit, however this was not antiquate enough to eliminate all of it. The next thing we tried was to build a waste to energy plant. This was actually somewhat successful. We managed to build it and eliminate some of the trash however this also creates some pollution. The last thing we did was build a water purification plant. The plant did help us lower our water pollution. This was the other positive change we made. Over all half our changes where successful. After the changes our pollution started improving, however after we saved the game and opened it the next time our environment pollution was increasing. Over all we did manage to fix this and improve our environment. Over all our environment experience in North Delano was slightly successful.

Land Value

Land Value is a problem in Norte Delano. The problem here is that we have so many slums throughout our city. There are slums on every street corner, and this is really hurting the land value. Most of the slums are situated in the West part of Norte Delano. Another problem we have is that we have a lot of undeveloped land, and that land isn’t being used to its full potential. The land that is undeveloped could really bring in money for us because it’s situated right near the coast. But, unfortunately we have to level out that land, and that would cost us extra money that we could be using somewhere else. Our last problem in land value is that we have an ocean near the edge of our city, but the ocean isn’t really being used to our advantage. The ocean could really produce a lot of income for our town; we just need to develop that land. Right now there is just a beautiful sea situated in our town with no roads connecting it to our very congested city. It would be very wise of our team to invest a chunk of money into that area and then I think our land value would go up a notch, or two!

All of these problems have very simple solutions. For the slum problem we just need to eliminate the slums. That is a lot easier said than done though. Eliminating slums costs a lot of money, and with all the slums we have it would be a very costly solution. Since this is not one of our major problems in our city we would only use left over money in order to solve this problem. But, since we have a progressive tax system this would be easily attained. Why? Well, since over time we would be collecting revenue, from the money we are getting by taxing the high tech industry, we would get extra money rather quickly and our problem would be solved shortly. To solve the problem we have with the oceans in our city we would need to create a resort in our city. This would not only increase our population, but it would also increase our land value status.

If we eliminate most, if not all, of the slums the city of Norte Delano would create a much more enjoyable feeling. Eliminating the slums will also lower our crime rates, which right now are caused by much of the slums covering our city. I strongly feel that if we change this we would be such a more civil city. For the undeveloped land issue I think that we just need to develop the land near the ocean. If we do so we will really see a rise in population and we will also see how valuable that land really is. It is important to remember that our city has much bigger problems than land value, but with all the extra money we will be getting from our progressive tax system this should be quite easy.
Land Value is and most likely will always be a problem in Norte Delano, until the city’s lower wealth because much higher. Why is this? Well, currently the city is mainly residential low wealth. Therefore we have a lot of low wealth commercial areas, this results in a higher crime rate, and then the land value of course goes down. In our initial planning report we wanted to expand our city by zoning the areas near the beach. But after experimenting we found that still no one wanted to buy or build in those zoned areas. This of course was due to the low education, health and safety. Then we figured that it was not worth it to spend a quarter of our money on a zoning process that would probably wouldn’t have worked and benefited our city. Therefore land value wasn’t our priority, and we had more important problems to solve than our land value.

Education (Kevin)

In the city of Norte Delano education is one of our cities finer qualities. We are lucky to already have a thriving elementary school, and a private school. These are all very successful and our Sims are learning from quality schools. What our city lacks is the amount of schools, and of course a middle school, and high school. We had to make up our own conclusions since the education department wasn’t struggling at the moment. But, like all cities times change and you have to prepare for the future, and with a bright outlook on the city of Norte Delano we need to add more buildings that will hold so many upcoming people. With the addition of a resort we feel that some tourists may become permanent citizens living in our city. In saying that we want to prepare for this. Since we only have two schools at the moment that will really hurt us if we don’t fix that now.
In order to fix the lack of schools we are going to increase the budget by 10% so that schools will be able to pay for expenses needed when we add a public high school, and middle school. Since the majority of our citizens are middle aged we are thinking to later add a community college. Adding these additions to our city will really improve our education and will also create more job opportunities, which will then help our population increase.

Our city will most likely grow and with that said our education system needs to prepare for such a chance. We feel that adding a middle school, two high schools, and possibly a community college our city will be known for a brilliant education system. Doing so will create and persuade Sims to come to our city and our city will become very populated. With all of this said the education system is one of our priorities and if we don’t add on to it, we might need to increase their funding by 20% rather than 10%. Norte Delano is ready to take it to the next level in the education system, and once we add these three, possibly four, schools our city will be to the utmost educated, and very well on their way to success.


The town of Norte Delano has been struggling with traffic problems. There are many accidents caused by the large amount of drivers on the road. In addition, there are many potholes in the road, which I believe could be contributing to these problems. There is also a lack of traffic lights, which will increase the amount of reckless drivers. This also contributes to cars falling into more and more potholes. Our town needs a bit of roadwork in order to get the roads clear of accidents.

To start solving the town’s problem, the taxes of the middle and higher class should be raised. Since our town is home to many wealthy citizens this shouldn’t be much of a burden on those citizens. If we do this it will provide money to fill the potholes in the road. It will also open a door of opportunities for placing traffic lights around town. Another way the money could be used is to fund public transportation systems, such as buses, subways, etc. Funding public transportation is a really smart idea because then there will be fewer cars in an already crowded city. These changes are imperative to making our city run more smoothly.

Although the citizens may be slightly displeased with the tax raise, it would be for their own benefit. Unfortunately, there are many potholes around town; we may fall short on funds for every imperfection on the road. Traffic lights would guide drivers, but it may not change too much. Public transportation, such as subways, would reduce the number of cars driving, and with the congested streets this may create a temporary fix. Buses may work out better, though, considering the experiment run for subways wiped out almost all of our funds. If we make these simple changes, the town of Norte Delano would be greatly improved. Thus eliminating some other problems caused by these silly road issues.

The traffic in Norte Delano has been atrocious from the start. Although we’ve been raising the funds for roadwork, the potholes continue to return. This makes the traffic in our town increase. In addition, our team manually fixes the potholes in the road. After advancing through about a week’s time, the blemishes in the road start to come back. Since increasing the funding changes our budget in a negative way, there is no room to raise funds for more important attributes of fixing our town. Raising the funding for road maintenance causes unintentional consequences.


Our team discovered many problems with the issues involving the health department. It is important we fix these problems as soon as possible because we don’t want to lose Sims due to unsanitary living. One problem is the staff in our hospitals. They are currently on strike and won’t go back to work unless they get the funding they feel they deserve. Since no one is willing to work they have sick patients who need care, and they also have flu outbreaks on the verge. Our city of Norte Delano is in need of some major health care fixes.

To solve the problems we are having with the strike we need to increase their funding. They funding we are willing to give to them is a 20% increase. This is enough to hopefully get them back in work, and solving the problems with the flu. If the flu problem is still not great we are going to need to increase their limit 30%, but all increase their taxes by 5% or so. If we do this we will still be earning a bit of revenue. Since all the doctors and nurses are going to be going back to work they will be able to care for their patients.

Luckily the healthcare problem is a quick and not to costly fix. We are fortunate that our tax system is not out of whack to begin with. If that happened our city would’ve needed some major help. The city of Norte Delano will see some major improvements once team 3b pays the city a visit again. The Sims will no longer see doctors and nurses on the sidewalks; they will be watching them care for the patients inside the hospital building.

Safety (Julia)

In Norte Delano, we have very high safety problems. Our safety ratings are very low, and if we don’t do something quick it will continue to spiral downwards. This is because of strikes, slums, and bad areas. There is a lack of funding for the police department and that causes the officers to go on strike. This strike causes criminals to run loose. Having criminals run loose doesn’t make the town very safe. There are also many slums in Norte Delano and we are doing our best to get rid of them. Slums are hiding spots for criminals. Without officers stopping these crimes, the citizens aren’t as safe as they could be. Our most often crime is graffiti and pie throwing. The firefighters are on strike as well. We also need more fire departments because there is only one in the whole city. This means that if there’s a fire in a far away spot, the building will burn, creating another slum, and more acts of crime.

There are many possible ways to fix these problems. To fix the crime we could add more police kiosks. These cost $80 to buy and $40 a month to maintain upkeep. I would like to add about ten. This would cost $800 initially and $400 a month. To fix the issues involving the strike, we should increase funding towards the police. To increase this, we need to increase the taxes. We need to also tear down slums. The firefighters need more pay and more stations. It costs $250 initially to buy a small fire station. It then costs $125 a month. I want to buy at least five stations. This will cost $1,250 dollars and $625 a month.

I think that this will solve the problems in Norte Delano. If not all the way, a majority of the way solved. Increasing funding makes the workers happy and they do a good job. Hopefully, there will be no more strikes. If we continue to respect the needs of our workers, we will have a very successful city.

In Norte Delano, we started out with very high safety problems. Our safety ratings were very low. This was because of the strikes, slums, and many bad areas. We barely had any police stations. The funding for the little amount of police stations we had was also very low. This caused the police men to regularly go on strike. However, we came up with a plan to help our safety. We bought more police stations, kiosks, and jails. We also increased the funding toward the police stations. This caused the safety ratings to go up. Now while the safety ratings are not the highest, they have gotten a lot better.


After all the time we had to fix up our town of Norte Delano we found that the answer wasn't as easy as we had been anticipating. We found out that most of roads were old and in need of constant repair, our health and education departments were demanding money like there was no tomorrow, and lastly that no one really wanted to build residential or commericial realaste. With that said the funds we had available were so limited that if we weren't careful our town would be in bankruptcy. So as you can conclude our team wasn't successful with saving Norte Delano. Although we weren't able to completely fix it, we did manage to figure out a few things out but as you know everything is a chain reaction. Therefore once you try and do one good thing you're not always guarenteed something good is going to happen again. I guess this is what citys, and the governments across the nation are struggling with and this has given a good illustration of what they go through on a daily basis. All in all the Sim City project was a very valuable learning experience.