What we've done to our city:

  • The first thing we did to Norte Delano was REMOVING ALLSLUMS.
    1. This cost about $20,000 so it was fairly cheap considering more than 1/2 of our city was covered in slums.
      • This wasn't bad because we had $186,000 to $166,000
    2. This helped increase our population because sims were eager to put businesses in our city. We had plenty of open lots for sims to build in.

  • Increased funding for POLICE STATION from $328.00 to $418.00
    1. This eliminated the prisoners escaping.
    2. We added police stations throughout our city because our crime skyrocketed when more businesses showed up because there was more people.
      • This eliminated a lot of the major areas of the crime.
  • Increased funding for the FIRE DEPARTMENT from $75.00 to $89.00
  • Increased funding for ROAD/REPAIRS from $55.00 to $100.00
    1. This didn't work they stil needed money to fill and repair potholes
    2. Raised the funding again from $100.00 to $136.00
  • Increased the funding for the OIL PLANT from $321 to $438
      • The plant wasn't running, therefore not providing energy for the city.

  • In the EDUCATION we decreased the funding of school busses from $595.00 to $415.00
      • We did this so that we could cut back spending a bit. There was no change with the transportation, and with the new schools being so close to the main residential area many kids may walk to school.
  • Increased funding for HEALTH and EDUCATION from $280 to $540
    1. The health department went back to work!
    2. Then the health department was mad because they didn't have enough room so they wanted a disease research center.
    3. We bought the disease research center, and the health department was fine. (It cost about $20,00)
      • So we went from $166,000 to $146,000
      • Built a clinic because they needed more.
      • started at 997 put it 1390
      • lowered from 238 to 122
      • built another large hospital
      • tax medium to 13 from 9
      • built a small elementary school
      • school funding to 705 to 600
      • fixed roads by rebuilding them./replacing them
      • got rid of airport
      • raised health department from 1,887 to 2,306
      • school buses from 973, to 828 to 780
      • funding for elementary school from 600 to 735
      • made buildings historical buildings
      • road services to 175 (139) to 169
      • 1,139 to 1009
      • government expenses- 840- 612 to 621
      • airport funding 265- 210 to 217
      • road services 140 to 203
      • low wealth residential to 11%
      • medium residential to 12%
      • low wealth commercial to 10.5%
      • medium wealth 16%
      • 1,745 to 2,041
      • power plant 420
        • built a road to connect the roads at the west side of town

    1. The education wasn't doing well. Our only elementary school had no apples, and was over-crowded. We were about 1,000 kids over, it was horrible!
    2. So we increased the schools money from $270.00 to $585.00. We figured this would solve the problem, it sort of did.
    3. Then it still wasn't doing well so we raised it to $705.00. The school went up a 1/4 of an apple.
      • A problem we still face is that the school is overcrowded.
    4. Then we decided to buy another elementary school and place it where a lot of residential area is.
      • This elementary school is thriving! (5 apples)
    5. We then decided to buy a highschool because there was no highschool, which was needed.
      • We placed the highschool adjacent to the elementary school, and again this school did very well.
  • Increased taxes on HIGH TECH INDUSTRY from 9% to 12%
  • Increased taxes on MEDIUM WEALTH RESIDENTIAL from 9% to 11%
      • It didn't work so we lowered the taxes to 10%

-Crime: The worst areas include the airport and the country club. Car theft and Pie throwing are prevalent in these areas. Besides occasional areas of stick up and assaults the rest of the crime is a just graffiti. Everywhere is covered with police stations (5) but it still seems there is a problem. We are giving the police $702 and the fire department $89.

Traffic: We have a lot of congested areas where car crashes occur frequently. We want to build a highway but it is to costly for our budget and city. COmmute time is getting shorter so now its an 1 hour and 50min. All of our roads are highly congested. Road services recieves $201.

Is going up, and looks like it is thriving. We have 3 large medical centers and 3 clinics, and one disease research center. low health everywhere. We're paying the health department $2,200, yet they want more money.

Education: Education say its doing well yet the teachers are on strike. We have 5 elementary schools one(5 apples, 1/2 an apple, 5 apples, one private school (5 apples), and one highschool(5 apples) We're spending 2,967, and were giving them 968 to the buses.

Environment: Slow air pollution, water pollution is going down. We have above capacity on garbage.

Land Value: Is in where the low wealth exists.

We have 102, 864 and we're spending

In our city in The Sims, Norte DeLano, one of the problems was the education. We spent enough time to find the problems in the education and ways to solve them. We found out that there weren’t many schools and the schools were overcrowded. Another problem with the schools were that the teachers were going on strike. That was caused by another problem, which was under-funding. We found out that the busses were funded more than the schools. We then started to lower the funding of the busses and increasing school funds. We also added more schools. We have five elementary schools (one private school), and one high school. The private school had five apples which means that the school was doing really good. One of the elementary schools had ½ an apple. The rest of the schools had 5 apples. Our team is investing $2,967 in school funding. $968 of that money is funded in the schools busses.