Matt Watkins
Team 3C
SimCity Project Planning Report
June 12, 2011

Analysis Report- North Weburg
SimCity was quite a challenge for our group. Over the past several months we've experienced power outages, air pollution, environment problems,and more in our city. Our goals were to eliminate all potential and present problems in North Weburg that could affect the residents. Even though SimCity was defiance, we accomplished a lot. We were able to knock down slums, figure out how to getpower in our city, find cleaner ways of getting power to reduce air pollution, add more police stations, and keep education at a high level. We weren't able to finishall of the plans we had made due to having spent 4 out of our 6 weeks on simply trying to get power in our city. But one thing's forsure, North Weburg has improved all around in the past 6 weeks.

Fiscal Policy
The Fiscal Policy in North Weburg is pretty sound. The Current Balance is $656,323. The monthly income is $16,217, and the monthly expenses are $14,668. This is good because without even changing taxes, we have $1,549 we are gaining each month. We had several expenses we had each month to pay. The Transportation Department cost $89. The Public Safety Department is being funded with $88. The Health and Education Department is receiving a whopping $2,353. The Utilities cost $318. The City Ordinances are being funded with a jaw-dropping amount of $9,871. There is no money going into Neighbor Deals or Take Out a Loan. The City Beautification is costing $855. Finally the Government Budget is costing $1,090. Not all of these are problems, but some do need to be fixed. One of the problems we have is that we do not have any water in our town. That affects many aspects of the town, because the Fire Company can't work, and, obviously, people have no water to drink. This will cause strikes, effecting education, health, and many other industries, causing people, ultimately, to leave. Another problem we have, which is linked to environment, is the amount of trash in our landfills. There was a deal trying to be made with Cornivertion to export trash, but it was not being funded at all. Another problem is our two coal plants and our solar plants are not operating. Thus, our city is void of electricity. This is a serious problem because then we can't have a subway, we won't have working traffic lights, we won't have working streetlights, and people cannot operate their daily lives.

For these many problems, it is hard to come up with a solution, but we have come up with a plan. With our monthly income and expenses, we are making $1,549 per month, which is good. So, we are making money each month, which will benefit our city greatly. One of the solutions we have for the water problem is that we import water from the city, Cornivertion. This is wise because we then will not have to make more wells. We will only have to put pipes into the city and get our two current water sources to work. We also want to change the taxes a little bit. We want to change the Low Wealth Residential from six percent up to 10.3 percent. The taxes from this class of people would give us $5,018. We feel as if we should raise the Medium Wealth Residential, which was unbelievably low at 3%, to 4.7%, the giving us $5,016. Finally, we felt like we should raise the taxes of the High Wealth Residential to 3.8%, which was previously 5%. In turn, we would be bringing in $5,048. Regarding the amount of trash we have, we want to export some trash, but also make a waste to energy plant to replace the coal plant next to the landfill. The waste to energy plant is very costly at $25,000, but it is worth it. Regarding the other landfill, we want to export it to Cornivertion. With the problem based upon the supply of electricity, we have a solution for that too. What we are planning to do is fix up the one coal plant and the solar plant. First of all, we need to make a road leading to the coal plant. Then, we must fund the plant, with $250. With the solar plant, which is much more expensive, we plan to fund that with $1,000.

After we have made these changes, we hope that this will be the outcome. The Sims would be happy with the taxes and we would have enough money to spend. We will have enough water for the city to run smoothly. We will have a plentiful amount of electricity. We will not have too much garbage in our landfills either. The Sims will be happy and the city of North Weburg will be running smoothly.

Fiscal Policy was one of our Achilles heals during this year of Sim City. We would have been fine without the regressive tax system. A regressive tax system is basically a system when all tax amounts should be relatively equal, no matter the class. Each class has to pay the same amount of money. This made taxes very, very difficult to work with. In the end, with our expenses cranked up way more than we expected, we were going to lose money fast because our expenses were greater than our income. Our monthly income was $24,876, and our expenses were $28,158. We were taxing our Low Wealth Residential 14%, bringing in $6,939. The Medium Wealth Residential was taxed 6.7%, bringing in $7,113. The High Wealth Residential was taxed 5.6%, bringing in $7,442. This is unbelievably unfair because the people with so little money are being taxed 8.4% more than the upper class people. We did not have enough time to adjust to these circumstances because of our wasted time on power lines for the first four visits. We also could not change the Commercial or Industrial taxes, which also had to be regressive, so that we could make more money from them. Those taxes are not following the Regressive Tax system, so we would have had to make those go along with our type of tax system also. The regressive tax system and the power lines were nightmares for us. Our Current Balance is $426,138. Our month end cash is $422,856. At this rate, we are losing $3,282 per month. At this rate, we would have $0 in our Current Balance in about 130 months, about 11 years. If we would have had more time, we may have had more success in this category.

North Weburg seems very clean and appealing to the eyes, but there are a lot of environmental issues going on. First off, there’s a ton of trash that gets piled up on the coasts of our city. This trash either comes from neighboring cities, or water pollution. All of the trash leads our city to have landfills, which look hideous. The landfills decrease our land value, and we can’t have homes near buy due to the stench and over all visual appeal. Even though we have these issues, there’s low air and water pollution.

We are working to solve these environment problems, so all of the citizens will be able to live in a safe, clean city. In order to solve the issues we have the idea to create a waste energy plant. If we do this, it will remove most of or all of the landfills. We’d also like to get rid of one of the coal plants, too. It’s causing air pollution and hasn’t been working. Hopefully, putting these thoughts into actions will help save North Weburg.

In the future of our city, I hope to see the environment get better. I think that if we keep working to remove landfills, and find other ways of energy then it will impact the city greatly. In order for our plans to be successful we have to follow through and continue to find solutions. If we do all of this, North Weburg’s environment should definitely increase.

During Sim City, our team dealt with a lot of difficulties with environment. We had huge landfills, slums, and air pollution. We put in a waste to energy plant, which really destroyed a lot of garbage. We also knocked down a lot of slums, which made environment and land value increase a lot. We tried to keep our city slum and pollution free so that our residents could live in a healthy place. There weren’t too many other adjustments we had to make in order to fix North Weburg’s environment. We put in an oil and natural gas plant though, causing a lot more air pollution.

Land Value
Land Value is a getting to be a problem in North Weburg. The main problems are located at the baseball field and in the country club.We also have a lot of trash. There are some large landfills in our city. These can cause both water and air pollution. It's also just ugly. This can seriously affect an area's land value.

Our land value in the state of North Weburg is very limited. Very much space is taken up with the baseball fields. With the bleachers, parking spaces, the baseball field etc… takes up lots of space, and is not very useful. The baseball field rarely gets used, and using the space for properties would be more reasonable. By solving this problem we plan to tear down the baseball field, open it to the public, or even create a league. If those options are not available then we have then decided to sell the field as a solution. The country club, because of its large size adn crime surrounding it, takes up lots of the land value. Many people attend the country club in North Weburg. The country club also is wasting a lot of space for the other buildings that we would like to put up. By having this country club taking space in our city, we do not have the space for any other buildings that we want to build.

By making these few changes to help reshape our land value, North Weburg should be a more productive and an over all nicer place to live. The Land Value will spike. More sims will want to come to North Weburg. Business will be striving. Realtors will be making lots of money. All of these are hopefully results of these changes.
In order to get more Land Value and open up North Weburg, we decided to take down some of our slums. This opened up some areas very well. The extra space could be used for many different purposes, which could affect our economy in a very positive manor. Regaining power and water also greatly affected this category. We did not make a whole lot more changes regarding Land Value.
In the city of North Weburg education is currently doing very well. We are going to put a lot of money a month to keep the education like this. We are also going to work on improving education in North Weburg. Right now none of the public schools have any local funding. There are seven schools in North Weburg. Four of these schools are private schools and universities that do not get local funding. The other three schools are public schools. These schools need local funding. We plan to improve all of the public schools and keep all of the private schools and universities the same. Keeping education perfect in our city is very important to us.

As I said before all of our schools are doing very well. None of our public schools are getting funding as of now. There are two high schools and one elementary school. One of the high schools is very large and has 1,120 students. Because there is no funding the student capacity is zero. There are also no teachers. The second high school is smaller. There are only 383 students, but their student capacity is also zero. They do not have any teachers either. The last public school is a large elementary school. There are 2,288 students in this school. Because of no local funding the student capacity is zero and they have no teachers. There are four private schools and universities in North Weburg. One of the private schools has 768 students. Their student capacity is 1,000. The school is paying 34 teachers to work. The second private school is a bit smaller. This school only has 325 students. There school capacity is 1000. There school is pretty much empty. They also have 34 teachers. The last private school is the largest one. They have 1,768 students. Their school capacity is 1000. They also have 34 teachers. There is also one university in North Weburg. It has 1,836 students.

We plan to put a lot of money into our public schools. Right now none of them have any local funding. We plan to change this to keep the education in North Weburg perfect. We plan to give $1,000 a month of local funding to the large high school. This will make the student capacity 1,395. There are currently 1,120 students at the school. By giving this amount of money a month there will be 38 teachers. We are going to give $1,170 a month of local funding to the large elementary school. This will make the student capacity 2,340. There are 2,288 students in the school right now. Giving this amount of local funding a month will pay for 78 teachers to work there. The last public school is the smaller of the two high schools. We are going to give $350 of local funding a month. This will make the student capacity 400. The current number of students in the school is 383. The local funding will pay 13 teachers to work at the school. There are three private schools in North Weburg. One of them is doing perfectly fine, so we are just going to let it go. The other two need some help. One of them has more students then it can hold and the other has only one third of the school full. We are going to move the kids from the over populated school to the under populated school. There is currently nothing wrong with the local university. We are just going to leave it the way it is. This is how we plan to improve and maintain our good education.

Not a whole lot of changes were made towards Education. We funded the schools with the money they needed. This was very important because some schools had no funding. Our schools in our city are very high quality, with private schools and universities, with good public schools too. This is important because it is one less thing we need to worry about with our problems in our city.

The city my team is doing is North Weburg. North Weburg is a great city, but it has many faults. One of the main problems in the city currently is traffic. Mostly every city is expected to have some kind of problem with traffic. The main issue with North Weburg’s roads is that there are barely any traffic lights. The city is also very crowded with buildings that are not in use. Too many accidents are happening, and this needs to change.

The solution to this problem is to add traffic lights to the streets. Traffic lights will be a main fix to the issue since it will add some regulations to drivers. These traffic lights will be placed on streets that accidents occur, and will help to prevent any future accidents. Another solution is to take out the old buildings, or the buildings that are no longer in use. A subway is another idea to help prevent traffic. The subways may cost a lot, but it is a valuable investment.

I believe that putting in traffic lights, taking out old buildings, and putting in subways throughout the city will make North Weburg a happier and safer city to live in. Adding one subway will cost us some money, but we are willing to make the investment. The cost to build one segment of a subway is $154.00. My team would like to put in about 15 segments to form one subway. The monthly cost would be $0.30 per segment. Sooner or later, I believe this solution will work, and North Weburg will be a much more impervious and secure place to live.

To reduce the traffic issues in North Weburg, we decided to put in a subway. Putting in a subway can help reduce the amount of accidents that happened throughout the city. Subways are not the cheapest transportation, but they helped prevent traffic in our city. There will be less congestion on the roads, making the Sims happier. Unfortunately, we did not have time to fix dead end roads. Putting in the subway was the only real adjustment we made to traffic due to a lack of time.

Health in our city is currently doing very good. Our goal is to maintain good health and get rid of anything that could be harmful to the people of North Weburg’s health. Health is very important to our city. If there is bad health, people will leave. If people leave, there will be less monthly income for our city and everything will fall apart from there. This is why health in the city of North Weburg is very particular with their health.

We currently have three hospitals in North Weburg. The current funding for health is $2,353. Due to this large amount of funding our hospitals are doing very well. We hope to keep them this way. Our city is a fairly large town. Three hospitals are not very many. There are some areas in the city that are not located close to any of these hospitals. This is one of the only problems we could find. The other small problem is that we have a lot of trash in the northern part of the city. This is causing a lot of pollution in the air. This can affect people’s health.

We plan to improve the areas that need to be improved and maintain the things that are doing well. The first thing we are going to do is handle the trash and air pollution. Once we get rid of some of the mass amounts of trash in our city there will be less air pollution. Less air pollution will improve the people’s health. To remove the trash we are going to pay another city to take it from our landfills and put it in theirs. To do this we are going to pay and extra 500 dollars a month to funding. The next thing we are going to do is build some more hospitals. We are going to add several small hospitals all around the city. This will make it easier for citizens to get to doctors in case of an emergency. This is how we are going to maintain and improve health in the city of North Weburg.
Health is another area of our city that was doing very well the whole year. We have about 3 hospitals in our city. This makes it easy for everyone around the city to get to a hospital fast. With taking down slums comes less illnesses because of unclean houses. With more water and power, giving health care becomes a lot easier. With the three new energy plants, though, air pollution probably increased, meaning more possible respiratory diseases.

The safety of North Weburg is exceptionally livable. Meaning, besides all of the slums and crime going on, it is still safe to live in North Weburg. For fire safety, North Weburg is very low in flammability. If there were to be a fire though, there would be no fire fighters to come help. The mayor is not funding the fire fighters, same with the police. In the southwest part of North Weburg, crimes like assault and graffiti is going on. In the suburban areas of North Weburg, there is a lot of flashing, graffiti, and tee peeing. In the industrial area of North Weburg, there is a little activity of graffiti.

To make North Weburg a safe place to live, many changes needed to be made. To decrease crime, the mayor should make arrangements to place police stations in the middle of each area that involves crime. 1 large police station should be put in the middle of the city in the southwest part of North Weburg. Doing this, all very dangerous crimes will be put to an end. The price of a large police station is $800. In the industrial area, there should be 2 police kiosks placed both northeast and northwest of North Weburg. Doing this, it will reduce graffiti going around. A police kiosk is $80 each. In the suburban area, 3 small police stations should be spread out around the area. This will reduce the crimes like flashing, graffiti, and tee peeing. The price of a small police station is $250 each.

After placing these police stations and funding the fire stations, this will surely reduce crime and increase safety in North Weburg. When making these changes, more people will come to North Weburg because of how safe the city has become. Even after the changes, there will still be small improvements to make the city a more protected place to be.

Safety was one of our biggest problems going into this year. There was a lot of crime. There were many slums. The Fire Companies were going to go on strike. We made a series of changes, hoping that they would positively affect our city. We took down some of slums, but not all of them, due to a lack of time. We also added and funded police stations. We added three large police stations, two small police stations, and one kiosk. Each large police station was funded with $250. The small police stations were funded with $120. The kiosk was funded with $45. This adds up to be $1,035 in funding for police stations. Hopefully, along with the removal of slums, this will cut down on crime. We also put in fire stations and funded them. We funded each Small Fire Station with $150, and each large one with 250. We also finally got power and water. We spent weeks putting up power lines, when that was really not the problem. The problem was that we did not have enough power. We purchased a Waste-to-Energy plant, but that wasn’t enough. We then purchased an oil plant, funded with $600. We also then got a Natural Gas plant, funded with $404. These boosted our energy capacity a lot. Now the Sims have power. We also put in many water pipes so that water could reach the Sims. That was not actually the main problem, we needed more water. We bought two water pumps, one for $1,403, and another for $1,410. We also purchased a Large Water Pump, costing $15,410. This gave our city water, which was great. We also funded water with a lot of money in our expenses.

At the end of the SimCity game, our team was pleased with how much we were able to get done in the 6 weeks we had. We improved on almost everything as
much as we could over all. Getting power for our city took a little longer than expected, but we made the best out of what we could. By making all of these changes and adjustments, we made our city a better and safer place for the Sims to live. Although we might not of been able to finish everything on our list of improvements; we’re very proud of how North Weburg turned out.