Week 1

Putting up power lines.

Week 2

Putting up power lines.

Week 3

Putting up power lines.
Putting in water pipes.
Funded water.

Week 4

Putting up power lines.

Week 5

Funding Schools.
Put in Subway.
Finally got power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put in oil plant. funded 600
Placed 3 large, 2 small, and one kiosks.
small fire=150
Next class= Taxes, Water, Slums

Week 6

Low Wealth=14% $6,939
Medium Wealth=6.7% $7,113
High Wealth=5.6% $7,442

Put up more water pipes
Knockin down some slums!!!!!!
Need to put in one more power
Get more water

Week 7 (at lunch)

put in nat gas plant 9,000, funded 404
put in pipes
water pump= 1403
large water pump 15,410
another water pump about 1410
next time taxes and some slums and other

Week 8 (at lunch)

Dirty Industry-Before, .5% $30; After,
Manufacturing-Before: .7% $28: After:

Commercial Mean= (w/o change) 592.8

In the End

Current Balance- 426,138
Monthly Income- 24,876
Monthly Expenses- 28,158
Month End Cash- 422,856