notes here

raised taxes to 11% for medium and high class
raised to 9% for low class
raised low commercial to 10%
raised everything else to 13%
funded everything to the line
raised dirty industry to 15%

finished highways
deleted roads to finish highway
connected roads to other streets and subways
built subways
put in roads
fix potholes in the roads
finished and built new roads

built 3 waste to energy plants for $25,000
took down slums
built parks

2nd week
We put more roads in for less traffic and to connect the spots where there are no roads ti get more people. More buildings came in filling in the empty spaces. Put tole booths in when people enter the city to earn extra spending money. Then we put a university in that put more people into our city. We also put solar wind to power to power the tole booths. By putting roads in and the university we are getting more and more people each month. Also we built another elementary school which will help with the schooling in the west part of our city. Another thing we did to prevent traffic is making the subways that we had available by putting roads to them. At the end of the day we have $1,106,459 and 16057 people.

3rd week
We started out with 15,633 people and $924,792. We spent our money so far on fixing roads and increasing land value by building parks. First we built a road to allow people to get to our subway entrance. We increased our land value by building trees, building waste energy plants to get rid of trash, and deleting slums. Currently we are deleting all of the slums in our city to increase land value. This way we don't have wasted space and there is less crime. We deleted our water pipes because they weren't working. This caused us to rebuild the water pipes and now they are working more efficiently. After we did this we resumed deleting slums in the northern part of our city. After we finished deleting slums in the northern part of our city, we decided to fix the high traffic areas. We didn't have enough roads to handle all of the traffic that was coming into our city so we decided to finish and build new and old roads. We raised taxes on dirty industry to 20% because we had more air pollution that we needed to get rid of. We also raised all of commercial service taxes except for low commercial to 14%. We lowered the low commercial to 11%. We then built more trees to increase land value. We continued building trees and then went to cheetah speed. When we did this all the red areas immediately turned green and our land value increased. Overall we got a lot of work done.

4th week
We decided to start out on fixing our environment because it is the worst part of our city. We tried to increase environment by making more trees.In the big industry region we put more trees to increase and value. Also put trees in the city.We are putting trees in the north west corner of our city because that is were our industries are so we want to increase its land and so it has less pollution. Also in the south east corner because that is were all of our most populated area of homes and businesses. Our environment is increasing but not as much as we are hoping. By the end of the day our cities environment went up and also more people are starting to come in to our city because of its good environment. Our money is at $1,238,034 and our population is at 18,377 and that is about 600 more then what we started it. Also we added two small clinics because the health in the northern part of our city wasn't good at all so we put them there.