1. The date in the game is 8/22/10. We want to know how long to takes to help the city.
2. The monthly income is $1,141 but with taxes it is $623. This is good to know how much we make.
3. We have 886 citizens. This is good to know to know how much to ask for in taxes.
4. Our city has good in enviroment and traffic. Our city have horrible health, education, safety,and land value. We also dont have a good budget.
5. Fiscal policy is the use of government expenditure and revenue collection (taxation) to influence the economy.
Taxa is sum of money demanded by a government for its supportor for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes,property, sales, etc.

Mayors Advisors
-Neil Fairbanks, The City Planner.
He is the person who proposes ideas for city growth and also executes his and other people's ideas.
-Monique Diamond, Financial Advisor
She is like the treasurer of the city, and manages the city budgets.
-Jonas Sparks, The Utilities Advisor
Jonas manages the power plant and water supply. He also overlooks how they are doing and if there are any problems.
-Sam Armstrong, The Public Safety Advisor
He is kind of like to chief of police. In our city, the crime is high so he didn't have a evaluation. He gives summaries about the crime in our city.
-Bettina Dean, Health and Education Advisor
On her page, she has a list of patients waiting for medicine/care. She gives a overview of the overall health of the city, which ours is quite bad.
-Jamil Herd, The Transportation Advisor
He gives a overview of the traffic in our city. He gives "helpful tips" about building different types of transportation.
Camille Meadows, The Environmental Advisor
She has 'news' of the environment in our city, like ideas for cleaner air, water, or less pollution.

Mayor Rating: The mayor rating is important because if the residents trust and like the mayor, he can raise taxes and make more money and the sims wont really care. The mayor can then use that money to build things for the sims, like commercial industry, parks, schools, and hospitals.

Add buses to help traffic
build medical center
build 2 schools and library
build police station and fire station close to the town
build more roads
Put tolls in
Water pipes
zone land
power lines
lots of zoning
MAKE SURE TOMIAS IS NOT AT THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over 50 years, the crime rate was low. It never went over 1.

Commute time
Over 10 years, it stayed at an average on 60. Recently it has shot up to 160.

The power in the past 10 years has stayed at 1000 capacity. The current usage as only stayed at 220.

With water over the past 10 years, there is no line on the grap.

Air Pollution
Over the past 10 years, the air pollution has pretty much stayed at 2.0.

Jobs and Pop.
Over the past 10 years, we have created many jobs and most people are employed.

Water Pollution
Over the 10 years, water pollution have rose about 100 for 540 to 640.

Over the past 10 years, the garage has gone done from 400 to 0 and the capacity is 0.

The eduction has decreased from 40 to 0.

Education by age
The people in our town are barely educated. Everyone is the same.

Population by age
We mostly have 41 to 50 year olds. Barely any elders and not alot of young people too.

Life Expectancy
Over the past 10 years, it was 50 dropped to 12 and went back to 50.

Res. Avg Income
The average income is $25 for the past 25 years.

City Income and Expences
The income is $1000. The expences were $200 but went way up.

The funds have increased in the past 10 years from 190 to 250.

RCI Demends
The demands of the Industry are the highest and the commerical is the lowest.

Mayor Rating
The mayor rating is around 30 for the past 10 years.

Traffic Volume
The traffic volume has gone up in the past 10 years,

Our city does not have good education at all. We have no schools and no other forms of educational places. This is a problem because people do not want to move to a town where there is no place to get an education. Also we want to have smart people living in our town. To achieve this we must give them a education system to make them smart.
Our plan to make a better education system is to first start with just an elementary school. We will only start with this because our population is too small to have any more schools. As the population increases, we will add a high school. Then if the town’s population grows a lot, we will add a college. Also we will add lots of libraries.
This will improve the education. Our town population, 886, is too small to get 3 schools at once. We tried this and it caused issues. The teachers didn’t have enough students. This is why we are only starting with one school and going up from there.

The traffic in our town is very good. The problem is that as our population grows the traffic most likely will decrease. Also we don’t want it to decrease our environment. These are risks we need to make our city a success. We are willing to take them
To help make traffic better, we first are putting a lot of bus stops in the town. It is too small to put subways in and also those are very expensive. Buses are inexpensive and very easy to put in. Also, we are adding more roads. We are upgrading old roads to make travel easier.
We think this is a good addition to our city. It is cheap and helps the environment because there are fewer cars. The roads makes travel better because they are easier to drive on. It also makes it easier for the buses to get around especially with more roads.
What We Did Today
-We Added Pipes To the City And The Farms And A Pump

- We added A School To The City

-We Added A library

- We Added A Fire Station

- We Added A Police Station

- We Added A Medical Clinic

-We Added A Parks And Gardens

- We Added A Wind Power Plant, And Made A Wind Farm.

- We Added Two Toll Booths

- We Zoned A High Residential Community

- We Zoned Low Commercial Area

- We Rose The Population By 300%

- That Is What We Did Today!

What We Did Today
-We Put In More Firestations because we needed more
-We Also put in police stations and built a jail
-We tried to fix the budget
-We 'upgraded' the roads
-We put it in a public parking place
-We tried to balance the budget

  • We deleted abandoned buildings
  • We deleted roads
  • I deleted all of alexis' random bus stops
  • "We put in a bunch of random thing" -Alexis Kolecki 1:40 p.m. 5/6/11
  • Alexis put in more bus stops that serve no purpose since they are on the same street for the most part.
  • Our team disrupted our budget, since one of our team members placed to many bus stops.

-Its Friday The 13th today
- We added police stations because we had "gaps" in police
- We also added trees because people were getting un-happy since there weren't enough trees
- We added a recycling center

- Shauna made a new city.
- We decided that the finances did not cooperate with the structure.
- So we all decided that we would exit out without saving.
- We went back into our city.
- We added new educational systems that we thought were necessary.
- We also added new roads leading to different developments.
- 27th day in the desert. We had to start eating cactus, we ran out of food and drink. two of the crew were eating by Mongolian death worms
- We did not save.