4/15 Today we built multiple police stations and fire departments. We also built a jail on the west side of our city so if they break out they won't disturb civilians. We also placed toll booths on the two entrances to our city to make money to replace the money we spent on police stations and fire departments. That is all we did today on SimCity.

5-3-11 Today we balanced the budget. We also built many schools covering all the buildings in our city. We have carjackers in our city. Education, safety, environment, and land value are going up. Now traffic and environment are going down. Some of our schools can't get cars. We just made roads to the schools with roads. Now our toll booth doesn't have electricity. We got power.

5-9-11 We really need to get a hospital or clinic today. In fact our health is all the way down so we just built three medical clinics. Our water was pretty good but to one new building so we just built a pipe connecting to that building. We built a military base because it will make us money and we built a few more police stations because not all areas were completely covered. We also connected the water pipes and electricity to the military base. Our safety is going down and we don't really know why. We just built another police station and it made the safety go up but the land value is going down. Most of our areas are very good and our city is now doing quite well in all areas.

5-16-11 Our land value is starting to go down. We have accepted a deal from a neighboring city to take in their trash so we could balance our budget after making funding boosts for education and fire department. Now all our things are going down other then education and health. We had a strike by our policemen. Now we are down in profit again. We bumped up taxes so now we are okay. We are now raising all our taxes a lot. Now we raised our taxes again. We built a bunch of fire stations.

5-25-11 When we got in all of our six things are high green. Now they are going down. Everything is going down except health. We just balanced our budget since we were way down. Now we are trying to improve our environment by putting in a lot of trees. We have found two buildings in the middle of nowhere so we are going to build a road to them. Our environment is now improving because we planted a lot of trees, everything else is still going down.