February 11, 2011

1. What is the current date? Why is this important?
Today's date is June 18, 2003. It is important so we can see
how our city has progressed over time.

2. Monthly income and expenses:
Tuckerton- income $2,051; expenses $1,341
Foster's pass- income (nothing); expenses $1

This needed so we can see the approx. amount of profit we need to make each
month to cover expenses.

3. What is the total population? How will this act as a tool to improve the economy?
No population...

4. Interpret City Opinion Poll Data:
Fosters Pass, excellent environment (mostly forest and river); traffic is good (no
population); bad water pollution; horrible health, safety, education, and land value.

Tuckerton, excellent traffic; bad environment, health, education, safety, and land value.


fiscal policy- the use of government expenditure and revenue collection to influence the economy.
fiscal budget- a period used for calculating yearly financial statements.
taxes- financial costs imposed on taxpayers (government source of income)
balanced budget- when there is neither budget deficit or budget surplus.
budget deficit- when a sum of money falls short of the required amount
budget surplus-land use planning used by local government
zoning- land use planning used by local government
polls- a collection of opinions on a certain subject
baseline data- value representing a normal quantity of income/expenses

raised the land (cost approx. $30,000 dollars) built a road across it.
build underwater subway
$100 dollars to level building, $150 dollars to demolish
$1642 to build a giant sink hole
Redirect river's water (lower land)

FEBRUARY 17, 2011-WEEK 2



1. Neil Fairbanks
City Planner
Says that industry needs room to expand and that we need more residential area. Lots of people want to live in Tuckerton, and that we need more industrial zoning.

2. Monique Diamond
Financial Advisor
Nuthin' to say.

3. Jonas Sparks
Utilities Advisor
Give water a treatment: polluted water must be treated: create a treatment plant.

4. Sam Armstrong
Public Safety Advisor
Nuthin' to say (no public).

5. Bettina Dean
Health and Education Advisor
Nuthin to say.

6. Jamil Herd
Transportation Advisor
Nuthin' to say.

7. Camille Meadows
Environmental Advisor
Skyline missing: smog is culprit. Air pollution terrible, pigeons developing asthma. Need more trees, parks. Ordinances against pollution.


1. Neil: Four walls (houses) rare.


Pollution indices (air, water, garbage, radIation.)
Quality of air pollution.
Quality of Health Care.
Affordability of housing.
Crime rates.
Traffic flow (specifically commute time and congestion.)
Quality of Park System.
Tax Policy changes.
New Civic Structures.
City Beautification (specifically the planting of trees.)
U-Drive-It missions.

If the mayor is well-liked, then people may flock to the region. The mayor rating will also affect taxes. If the rating is good, the people will conform to the mayor's ideas. Even if he raises the taxes, people may follow. If the mayor wants to build parks, and the people are happy with that, they will follow his rule without questions.'


Crime, commute time, power, water, air pollution, job & population, water pollution, garbage, education, education by age, population by age, life expectancy, residential average income, city income vs. expenses, funds, RCI demand, mayor rating, traffic volume


Tuckerton has had no crime ever.
Commute time is not in existence.
Power has sharply risen over about the last 20 years.
Water has done the same as power.
Same with air pollution.
Jobs/population have risen in general, but population is gone now.
Water pollution has risen sharply in the past about 15 years.
Garbage has a curving up graph recently.
No life expectancy.
Zero average income.
Our income has come up in the past 15 years greatly.
Funds have increased to 250 from zero in recent years.
RCI demand is greatest for industrial, then residential, then commercial.
Mayor ratings have been zero.
Traffic in freight trains and freight trucks has greatly increased.


There is no crime.
No commute time.
No power.
No water.
No air pollution.
14- Expense 1 dollar past 3 years.
Funds up 2 years $200.
Industrial most, Commercial next, very low commercial.
Mayor zero.
No traffic volume.

Bulldoze half of the city to lower pollution. Pretty expensive way to eliminate pollution. Could build cleaner power plants. Need residential (put on on hill with low pollution) and industrial. Both what sims need. Traffic is good, but once it is booming the traffic may be worse. VERY EXPENSIVE to zone high residential, but small areas of high is not terribly expensive. Good response to commercial next to residential. TOOK OFF. Cost about 10,000-20,000 Simoleons. Quickly went to over 600 people. Making money off taxes. 5,050 money. Industrial taxes shot up after homes and commercial shot up: over 1,000. Dirty industry is getting taxes. Need more environmental help now that industry kicked up. Safety is going up, but we need fire dept, schools and police. Added hospital. Land value increase. Police need roads to rest of city. Safety and health up. Mayor rating going up. 198,858 cash. Built seven wind turbines. Helped health, even though they are expensive. Education, Safety, Health, Traffic, Land Value up. Need to find what is keeping environment down, and fix pollution. Need bus stations, maybe train stations, want to regulate traffic.

4-14-11 (tuckerton)

-Raised Dirty Industry to 14%, and Manufacturing to 10%. High tech is down to 9%.
-Zoning medium density residential on the top half of Tuckerton, zoning commercial next to industrial with a connecting area and roads to the residential section and a road to lead to low density residential in Foster's Pass.
-Providing power and water for residential areas by connecting lines from the industrial part of our city.
-Built fire and police stations
-Built two elementary schools, and one high school
-Problems with power plant (over capacity), built wind power and natural gas power plants, power lines connecting to residential
-Little commercial built by citizens yet
-Population of about 2240
-Lower commercial taxes to 9.5%, raised all residential to 9.6%, raised dirty industry to 15%
-Legalized gambling in our city (cost: $100) to hopefully gain money
-Lowered health, power plant, school transportation (busing systems), and education costs
-All categories declined except for traffic, although traffic congestion is pretty bad, so we built some more roads to decrease congestion
-To please Sims we put in basketball courts and a park
-Health, education, and safety
-Mayor rating is green and rising
-Taxes raised on dirty industry to 17.5% to drive out dirty industry
-Land value is red and rising
-Pollution is terrible
-CURRENTLY: monthly income: $4,616 monthly expenses: $5144 current balance: $186,921
-Church built for no cost
-Graveyard built
-tollbooths built between industrial and residential areas
-current population: $3,085
-traffic progressing
- CURRENT BUDGET: monthly income $4,699 monthly expenses: 5,203 current balance: $180,544

*then, jose exited the game without saving, so we went back and redid everything (just as before) on 4-21-11

4-21-11 (fosters pass)

-flattened land to build a bridge
-built a bridge
-connected bridge to road from Tuckerton (made highway) and connected to other town
-tollbooth on side connecting to other city
-zoned low density residential
-zoned agricultrial area connected to residential
- natural gas power plant in upper right corner
-connected to residential with power lines
-built power lines across river to other side
-built 3 pumping stations
-ran water pipes from river to residential

money left: $172,268
still no population


Foster's Pass

  • connected water pipes to future residential area
  • sims building agricultural area
  • sims building in residential area
  • roads in residential area connected to highway
  • population on 727 sims
  • built elementary school in east side of city
  • built high-school in west side of city
  • built hospital in north fosters pass with connecting road to other city
  • built police station near high school
  • built bus stations near high school, elementary school, agricultural, and on far side on the bridge
  • built hotel near future beach site
  • put in beach on NW side of river
  • built connecting road to beach
  • built basketball and tennis courts
  • environment and traffic conditions on rapid decrease
  • environment "magically" improved
  • legalized gambling
  • mayor rating in green and increasing
  • built skateboard park
  • current population- 1,227
  • built tourist trap that looks like a llama
  • de-zoned portion of agricultural
  • built roads through agricultural land
  • built commercial area near beach and another commercial area on south side of residential area
  • raised all commercial taxes to 11%, raised agricultural to 11%, raised dirty to 12%, raised maufacturing industry to 11%
  • de-zoned more agricultural, left very little
  • zoned industrial area in previous agricultural area
  • current population 1,227 sims


  • built high-density residential
  • legalized gambling
  • balanced budget, making one dollar per month



  • roads to decrease traffic
  • high density residential against west edge of the city and next to the avenue
  • connected more water pipes for industrial area
  • initiate a deal with fosters pass for water
  • built a college with connecting roads, a softball field and park on campus
  • raised manufacturing to 15% and all residential to 11%
  • raised low commercial to 11%
  • lower power cost to $808.00
  • Built $3,000 worth of trees

Foster's Pass

  • commercial near beach
  • built two police stations
  • changed road service to $99
  • our budget is fried (income $909 and expenses $3,123)
  • all residential taxes raised to 12.0%
  • zoned area on other side of bridge
  • fixed the water pipes

Foster's Pass
  • city beautification changed to $50.00
  • deleted one water pump
  • raised taxes to 16%

MAY 26, 2011

last day playing sims

planted a bunch of trees, set some buildings on fire, tried to balance our budget, ruined some buildings, made some parks, and trashed our cities....