SIM CITY notes
1.) placed a fire station in west side (safety)
2.) place 2 windmills (environment and pollution)
3.) placed cop station in west side (safety)
4.) elementary school (education)

Jason Renner

Mr. Fullerton

SimCity Project Planning Report

Planning Report – Mercidero

Fiscal Policy- Our economy is nowhere near perfect, but it can use work. It has fluctuated up and down over the past 100 years, but has remained steady for the most part. We plan to keep it this way, and this is how.
With all the improvements and additions we need to make, it will take a toll on our spendings. If we don’t keep track of our spendings and spend on to many things too fast, we could end up with a negative income for the month. If we don’t catch wind of this quickly, our economy will plummet and we will have dug ourselves a deep hole. To balance our spending, we will raise taxes only during the building of our additions (hospitals, police stations, fire station, etc.).
If we stick to our plan, we should not drop in the charts with our money, and if anything, we should move up economically. With this plan we can be successful and efficient.

Environment- The environment in our city is terrible. Air pollution, water pollution, smog and other problems in weathering really affects it. Since the first day we’ve been having trouble trying to clean up the environment in a way. Landfills cause odors to travel over the city, animals are dying, etc. The environment in our city really needs to change.
We’ve been trying to fix the environment by reducing waste and many other ways. The environment will usually cause power outages, which makes the city entirely dark with no light, heat, water, etc. We’ve been trying to change our city’s environment by wrecking buildings that are not needed, cleaning up after things in the city, and so on.
The graphs of the environment cannot be bad, but it is sometimes good too. Our chart shows that it is decreasing a little more than it is increasing, almost at an equal rate. Changing our city will not only help the environment, but it will help out on other problems in our city. Our city is not perfect yet, but if we keep on changing and building things, it will become perfect…almost.

Land Value- In Mercidero, the land value is quite high due to the fact that we maintain the quality of our city at a high level. Although we have forms of pollution, crime, and other troubles; we still keep our city at a high standard in which any mayor would be happy to run. Although we do not know the exact total of our land value, you can expect it to be a big figure.
The only thing we can really do to improve our land value is to improve the other aspects of our city. To improve the land value, we need to take care of crime, safety, pollution, etc. Once we clear all of these, the land value should go up considerably.
After we make all these changes, the land value should increase. If it does, nothing bad can really come of it. As long as our land value keeps climbing the ladder, we will keep attracting big time tourists.

Education- In our city, education is one of our biggest issues. We have no schools, libraries, and museums. If we don’t have these buildings our city will not have education.
To improve our city we need to put schools, libraries and museums in the major part of our towns. We will start off with small schools elementary schools and slowly get high schools libraries colleges, and museums to also improve the education in our city. When we are finished with building we will slowly get our education back
In the end I think that we will have better education but, we might hurt the fiscal policy in the process. This whole process is going to be taken over about a year give or take a few months.

Traffic- The traffic in our city is going pretty good for us so far in the past couple of days that we have been playing. Since the first day we have been building buildings, roads, and other essentials to our city. The buildings can connect to other roads, which can help out a lot. Other types of roads make the roads more organized and more sustainable to ride on. Every time we come to this station, we try to make our roads better for traffic. The roads are leading to a great start in our city.
The graph of traffic is going up in a positive position. It seems to be decreasing a little bit from time to time because of construction and other situations. We try to fix other problems that will cause the traffic to be bad, but it could be difficult sometimes. Sometimes if we try to fix something it will make another problem worse and the traffic will become better. What we have to try to do is to make everything even so that the traffic can be perfect in our city.
We would have to say that the traffic is doing pretty well over all. We’ve had some times when it was nearly impossible to fix traffic in our city. Right now, traffic is doing excellent. Cars have been driving on the roads with no problems, getting to their destination. We will have construction or new buildings coming along, but we are sure not to get it involved with our traffic.
Health- The health aspect of our city is decent, but can improve. The health issue is faltering, and the issues can relate directly to our environment and safety issues. Action needs to be taken, and action needs to be taken fast.
In Mercidero, our environment translates to our health. Since there is an abundance of air pollution, water pollution, and smog can cause potential lung and brain disfunctions. We need to improve this by setting up environmental protection groups and start regulating pollution like exhaustion from automobiles. Health also links to our safety problems. We need to install hospitals to increase the likeliness to heal those who have sustained injuries.
We believe that if we make these changes in a reasonable amount of time, our Health issues will take care of themselves. Health is a problem you must take care of before it takes a toll on your population.

Safety- In our city, safety is a major issue. To start off with, we have no hospitals, police stations, or fire departments. Without the collaboration of all three of these departments, safety doesn’t exist in a community. Havoc can run amuck, people won’t be taken care for if they have accidents, and fires will spread uncontrollably.
It seems relatively easy to improve the safety of our town, but to install all three at one time will heavily affect our economy. So we plan to space out the purchases of our departments. We will place a county jail and small police station in the western area of our land, where the worse part of town is. Then we will place a large police station in the large city in our land. For fire departments, we will install two, one for each city in our land. The fire departments will be efficient, and will put out any fires that happen to start in our city. Lastly, we will put a hospital off the main highway with a large parking lot and easy access.
By spacing out the construction of these three departments, we can conserve money and not just throw it down the drain. Also, by installing all three, we can greatly increase the safety quickly in only a couple months.