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As members of the guerrilla economists, your task is two-fold. For the first six weeks all teams will be gathering economic data by observing and communicating with your town/city Sim population (refer to the Weekly Objectives). Dig deep to the source of economic problems facing many towns and cities here. In detailed complete sentences, write about your findings and your teams proposed solutions.simcity4_pc_2003_city.jpg
The following is a sample entry by a team...

Team 3D on February 3 Nicolette: Immediately upon entering this city of 35,897 people, we noticed that the six opinion polls were all in the red, indicating massive problems. The Sims were living without electricity and poor water conditions. There health was beyond bad, with many facing health issues. The lack of medical facilities leads this team to the conclusion that three hospitals are needed to solve the health issues facing these Sims. We even noticed that many Sims were being over taxed to the point of … and so on.

Guerrilla Economist Project – The Economics of Crisis and Recovery

Students studying economics are in a strange position. The overall goal is to understand economics enough to improve the lives of living, breathing human being, ones self included. Yet studying economics is mostly abstract - numbers, graphs, and economic terms. Unlike the physical sciences and their controlled experiments, students studying economics have little to play with in testing-out the theories being learnt.

Fortunately, we have been given a “laboratory” in which we can test the theories and models that we will be learning in economics - SimCity4. The designers of SimCity have been writing programs to simulate the process of designing and building cities for over 15 years, and the SimCity program has been used in top-flight urban planning programs where economist can get somewhat of a realistic picture of their theories in action. We will use SimCity4 to understand the challenges that economists and elected officials face when they attempt to manage the growth (or decline) of the city's that employ them.

This site will act as a journal of your classroom observations, your teams thoughts on how to fix your cities economy, and finally, the teams will have both their reports published on this site where others can make comments and suggestions.


DO NOT change or delete the other teams entries. If you have problems with this web site, please email me, or tell me. You may upload images if your team believes they are important. Use colored text and background sparingly. Make sure you enter your team and date of entry.