Baseline Data

Introduction - Baseline data is information, facts about your city, collected and recorded usually at the beginning of a project or experiment. The purpose in collecting the data is to observe change, if any, as time goes by. As economists helping out the mayor of a town or city you are required to record the following information on you wiki site.

Mission 1 - This week’s objectives, for your newly arrived team, are to observe the Sims as they go about their everyday lives. Remember, your team cannot interfere with the economy yet by making permanent changes. You can conduct thoughtful experiments though as discussed during the briefing. This week’s mission is for you to visit the following areas and record your observations on the wiki site.ui_small.gif

  1. What is the current date? Why is this needed?
  2. What is the total monthly income of the city (collected taxes), and the total monthly expenses? Why is this needed?
  3. What is the total population? How will this act as a tool to improve the economy?
  4. Take note and interpret the data on the City Opinion Polls (six colored indicators), using at least three sentences to analysis current data.
  5. Using an outside resource define fiscal policy, fiscal budget, taxes, balanced budget, budget surplus, budget deficit, zoning, polls, baseline data.

All Weekly Objectives are worth 10 points or less for the group.

Fiscal Budget Totals

Introduction: The fiscal budget of your town/city is at the heart of your team's success at rejuvenating the economy. To have an understanding of economic progress there has to be a starting point that shows either economic prosperity, decline, or stagnation. The ingredients that makes up any fiscal budget can be complex. Yet to gain an understanding of your city's fiscal budget the team must gain an understanding of the fiscal policy of the city's local government.

Mission 2 - Creating a fiscal policy:
  1. Begin to record the data in the expanded budgetary items, i.e taxes, ordinances, neighborhood deals, and so on (Note: work quickly or thisregion_small.gif could take more than a single period).
  2. As each category is entered, feel free to add team comments as to the status of the amounts. For example if the team believes that after viewing the tax totals, and the details, that taxes are too high or too low, or just right, mention it.