Mayoral Advisers

Introduction - The mayor’s advisers, all seven of them, play an important role in your planning report. They are loyal city employees who work for the mayor and want nothing but the best for the city or town. These advisers let you know if the mayor is skimping on a crucial area or when they think you should install certain services or buildings. They have vital information that you need to know and understand, but you must listen to them.

Mission 3 - Become familiar with the mayor’s advisers by listing their full names and job title, describe each of their jobs. Review and then summarize their latest assessments on the city/town by reading their advice to the mayor and then taking their recommendation andadvisors_small.gif incorporating it into your planning report outline.

If you have time, try an experiment and see if the advise given makes a difference. Remember, do not save the game. Exit without saving it.

Mayor's Rating

Introduction: The rating the mayor receives from the voters, the Sims, is important for economic development. The rating increases and decreases based on many factors within your city/town.

Mission 4 - Using the manuals make a list of items that have an affect on mayor ratings. Your team must list as many reasons as possible for why the mayor's rating is important for economic recovery.